Jesus Stays Behind At The Temple Projects

Monday, June 16, 2014
I had a request for when Jesus stayed behind at the temple and Mary and Joseph were frantically looking for Him. You can find it in Luke 2:41-52. The project that I used for this lesson isn't really suited for VBS, which is when the crafts will be used. These are mostly cut and glue and can be used with a lot of age groups. The lesson and another project will be available Saturday!
This first download was created to be cut and glued to paper plates. I added a ribbon loop on the top to finish it off. This has 2 layers and will be a lift-a-flap, which kids love! I started with Jesus in the temple as you can see for the bottom layer, but wanted to have Mary & Joseph looking for Him. There is also one put together for easy cutting to make a visual. Directions are included.
This next project is a simple cut and glue onto a sheet of paper, cardstock or construction paper. The download has it in color or black & white and you can mix and match how you want to use them. There is a teacher's visual to just print and a picture to color ready to print.
This is also a simple card style project with Mary & Joseph on the outside and open it up and there is Jesus in the temple. The cut and glue are for the men inside the temple. Click here to print it in color or black & white.
I created this cut and glue scroll for older students. I have made these before and the kids actually like them. The words are scrambled, and they cut them out and glue them in the correct order. There is a teacher's visual ready to print, and a plain scroll you see above. You can print the scroll and have them write the scripture and decorate the scroll (add stickers, etc.). Or you can use regular color paper and glue dowel rods to the ends and let them finish the scrolls how you like, then roll it up and tie it together with a ribbon or string. You can also make tea paper to use for the scroll.
The kids can also make these scrolls, which they LOVED! You can see the directions here.


  1. What great projects!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  2. Thank you for sharing,your knowledge,may God bless you more and may you continue doing this.It really helps me with my sunday school lessons for my kids...thank you😊😊


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