Preschool Alphabet: P is for Paul

Thursday, June 19, 2014
Preschool Alphabet: P is for Paul
Preschool at home ideas and printables!
These alphabet posts are to show you how we combine learning the Bible with learning preschool things like the alphabet, shapes, color, etc. The Bible ideas and printables can be used for Bible class, but the non-Bible ideas are intended for home use.
This week we learned about the Apostle Paul. We find this lesson in Acts 9:1-19 where Paul is called Saul. Paul didn't change his name, he used both names like I use Deb or Debbie or my husband is David or Dave. Saul was not a nice man and he hurt Christians by putting them in prison just because they followed Jesus! (Acts 8:3)
Saul was on his way to Damascus to find Christians, it was noon Acts 22:6), and as Saul came close to Damascus (vs. 3), there was a light around him from Heaven. Saul fell to the ground! A voice said to Saul "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute Me?" Saul asked "Who are You?" The voice answered "I am Jesus, who you are persecuting!" Saul asked Jesus what He wanted Saul to do. Jesus told Saul to go to Damascus and he would be told what to do.
The other men that were with Saul were speechless! They heard a voice, but didn't see anyone! Saul stood up, but was blind! He couldn't see anyone! The men took Saul's hands and led him to Damascus. Saul didn't eat or drink for 3 days.
God talked to Ananias and he went to see Saul. Ananias put his hands on Saul and Saul could see again! Saul got up and was baptized! Saul ate and spent some time with the Disciples of Jesus and talked to everyone he could about Jesus.
We also talked about Paul and the letters we have in the New Testament from him. We sang the Books of the New Testament song, then I read each letter and she counted them and added them to her mailbox. This could be used for early elementary, not just preschool. The printable has a color or black & white mailbox with directions to make it. Or, you can use mailboxes if you have them. For older kids, they can address an envelope with the To and From and I buy 1 or 2 cent stamps, and let them postmark them. You can see an older version below. They had fun with this though. The song is in the P is for Paul download, but click here for the mailboxes and letters.
We used these headbands for Saul seeing the light. You can print on yellow cardstock, and/or the kids can draw or paint the light around Saul. We used glitter glue and made lines for the light, but she couldn't wait to wear her 'crown', so the top picture is a plain one! They LOVED these! The download has your choice of color or black & white. Download them here. 
  P is also for PIZZA! The girls made their own pizza and showed me the labels that started with P, like Pam spray, Pepperoni and Parmesan cheese.
We also used their Melissa & Doug wood pizza sets to play a game. I printed the numbers and put them in one Education Cube, and put the 3 toppings of pizza (that they have to add to their wood sets) into the other cube. They rolled the cubes, and told me the number and the topping. So, they rolled a 5 and the peppers, they added 5 peppers to their pizza. Great counting fun! Once the pizza was full, they added up each topping and would shout "Yah, the pepperoni won!" They loved playing this game!
You can print the Education Cube squares here.
If you do not have the Melissa & Doug pizza, you can print a pizza and toppings here. You can roll a dice and use that number, or there are number cards to print on the same download by clicking here.
There are always other printables in the alphabet packs which includes several pages like P is for Pig, etc. and not necessarily from the Bible. The Books of the New Testament song is included, which we sang while talking about the Letters From Paul. And, there are always one or two pictures to color of the Bible facts for each letter.
You can download everything here.
This is the Letters From Paul with the download and ideas . Click on the picture to see it.
Here are some P books that we looked at, but most of the pizza books I found at the library are meant for older kids. So, I will mention we liked Color-By-Penguins (really cute), Pete's A Pizza and My Pumpkin. Pizza at Sally's by Monica Wellington is a good one also, but the library didn't have it in time for the picture. And, of course, we love Pete the cat books!
Click on the picture to see  A-Z Bible People Pictures to Color.
Click on the picture to find more A-Z God made It printables.


  1. love all your ideas :) thanks so much for sharing them with us. You've inspired me to be more creative.

  2. This is a wonderful way to learn about the abc's and the bible!

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  3. adore every one of your thoughts :) thanks such a great amount for offering them to us. You've motivated me to be more imaginative.


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