Paul Preaches in Antioch

Friday, February 20, 2015
I love this lesson and being able to discuss some of the Old Testament people! There are two different printables for this lesson. One is a really fun Mini-Notebook set and the other is a one page Cross Foldable.

Last week we talked about Paul and Barnabas teaching the Roman Governor, Sergius Paulus, about Jesus. He was very smart, but there was a sorcerer (or magician) named Elymas (EE'-luh -mus) who tried to talk him out of believing what Paul and Barnabas was saying. Paul told Elymas that he was the son of the devil and because of what he was doing, he would lose his sight for a time. Which he did…immediately. He had to ask people to lead him by the hand to leave. The Roman governor believed Paul and others heard and believed.
When Paul and Barnabas were finished preaching in Cyprus, they decided to travel to other cities. John Mark decided to go home, and Paul and Barnabas got on a ship and went to Antioch in Pisidia [Pe'-si-dē-a]. (There were 16 Antioch's during that time.)
Today's lesson is found in Acts 13:14-50. They went to the synagogue on the Sabbath day and listened to what the rulers had to say. When the rulers were finished with their readings, they always chose a rabbi or important person to speak. That day, the rulers said, "If there were any men that had anything to say, then to talk." Paul stood up. He started with “Men of Israel, and you who fear God, LISTEN.”

Then Paul talked about the God that took the Israelites out of Israel: 
(1) Remember that God helped Moses take the Israelites out of Egypt. They were slaves and there were 10 plagues to encourage the pharaoh to let them leave. God watched over them for 40 years in the wilderness.
(2) Paul said that God had given the people judges for about 350-400 years, because they asked for them and then...

(3) God sent Samuel the prophet.
(4) Then they asked for a king, so God sent Saul for 40 years.
(5) Then they had David as a king. Paul said that God proclaimed that David was a man after God’s own heart and from him, a Savior would come.
(6) That is Jesus. John came first and he baptized Jesus. John didn’t think he was good enough to baptize Jesus, but Jesus asked him to. John and Jesus were cousins.

(7) Paul went on to talk about how the people couldn’t find a reason to put Jesus to death, but Pilate allowed it anyway. After Jesus died on the cross, they put Him in a tomb and God raised Him from the dead. People saw Him for many days after He rose from the dead.

Paul said this was all done to fulfill what God said He would do. Paul said that through Jesus, we could have the forgiveness of sins. But the people that hate God, will perish.
When the congregation left the synagogue, many of the people followed Paul and Barnabas. They asked if Paul & Barnabas would come again the next Sabbath and speak again. When they arrived the next week, almost the whole city was there to hear them preach! Paul & Barnabas stayed in Antioch for a time. Read today's Bible verse again in Acts 13:49: And the word of the Lord was being spread throughout all the region.
The Jews rejected what Paul was teaching and they encouraged the chief men of the city to make them leave. The Gentiles heard and were glad to listen to Paul. Barnabas and Paul told everyone that would listen about God, but not all people wanted to listen or believe. It’s the same today, not everyone wants to hear about Jesus. And everyone that hears will not believe.
These Mini-Notebooks are really cute and if you are able to print then, the kids will love them! There is even an optional envelope to put them in! It is a lot of printing, but there are a lot of different Bible facts tucked inside. These can be used separately with each Bible person, not necessarily with this lesson only.  I have included the instructions and answers in the download. Click here to download them.
Well, since I love the project above, but I know people like simpler printables, this is the exact opposite! This is a one page Cross Foldable that is in black & white only! You can print onto color paper to add the color! Kids do love these foldables! Everything you need is in the download here.
This is an even easier to use option! This worksheet can be used during the lesson or for review. Students will write the key facts for each person that is discussed. The download includes color and black & white (w/o logos). Click here to download.
Click here to print the worksheet.

Bible Verse: Acts 13:49 

Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson.
Used by permission. 
Passport location for today is Antioch.
Click here to download the visuals.
All are not shown and a map is included.

Click here to download the pictures to color.
(These are the same as the visuals but are black & white.)
You can find printable posters of Paul and the men he traveled with here.


  1. Another set of great printables and resources. Thank you so much for sharing these at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  2. How creative and what great printables! Bookmarking this for the next time I need a quick lesson. Wish I was this creative. :-)

  3. I always love your printables Debbie! These are no exception!

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

    1. Thanks Jill! I appreciate your comments! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. What great resources! Thanks for putting this together! Visiting from Grace and Truth :)

  5. I cannot tell you enough how much I LOVE your blog and all the wonderful resources. You are such a blessing to a non creative thinking teacher who is passionate that children learn the truths of God's word. I am wanting to use the cross foldable from the Paul preaches in Antioch lesson but when I click on the down load here I get the page shown on the lesson not the cross pattern. Help?

    1. Hello Joette, thanks for the kind words! Almost all the printables here (except for the older posts) can be downloaded at the end of the paragraph after each photo. Issues with Pinterest prevent me from making most of the photos clickable. There should be a different color sentence that states something like 'Click here to download.'

  6. My sons love working on mini notebooks! What an awesome lesson plan, Debbie! Thanks so much for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week :)

  7. THANK YOU, SO MUCH, for your blog, ideas, resources, and Biblical teaching for children. I teach 3rd and 4th grade boys and girls in Sunday school, and LOVE every resource you provide.

  8. My Jr Church kids and I are really loving the Investigating Acts series! I didn't know how to reach out but I have a question. There are 30 worksheets in the series but 3 are "skipped"; 11, 17 & 22. Are there other lessons you taught on these weeks? Am I missing something or were the numbers just accidentally skipped over? Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful lessons!!!!

    1. Hello, thank you! Sorry, they were numbered for my way of teaching. I either had a review of Peter or Paul those weeks. I teach a class of students for a year and teach Jesus, a couple of favorite Old Testament lessons, then lead into Acts. But, I have recently changed that again and am teaching a quarter of Introduction to the Old Testament which will be added here beginning Monday, then Jesus and finish with Acts. Sorry about the confusion. The review lessons didn't have the worksheets.


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