Thursday, March 1, 2018

Updated Posters For Paul in Acts
I have been updating all my posters that I use teaching Paul when we study the book of Acts.
These are not in any particular order.
The logos are not on the visuals in the PDF.
These are the men that traveled with Paul. These include scriptures for each that state they were Paul. Click here to download.
To aid with Bible study and reading the scripture, I refer to this when we discuss the people that are with Paul as he teaches. Click here to download it.
Paul's name variation. I use students names like mine Debbie or Deb. Same thing.
This download has both of the Roman citizen posters shown above.
These updated Roman Centurion posters can be used for any lesson with a centurion. The last poster is Cornelius. These are in color only. Click here to download.
This download has the single poster and three posters for the soldiers that took Paul from Jerusalem to Felix. Click here to download.
Christian means to act like Christ. Click here to download.
There are 3 posters for the three men that Paul stood on trial before.
While discussing Acts, I have them look at the front of the book. What does it mean? When you act on something? It means you do something. So, Acts is about the things the Apostles (and some other Christians) did after Jesus returned to heaven. This includes a poster with Jesus and without Him. Click here to download.
The church is the people; not the church building. Click here to download.
D for Disciple vs A for Apostle poster with or without graphic.Click here to download.
This is an updated chart of clean and unclean animals. It is a very basic list with animals that are in the Bible or easily recognized animals. It is not intended to be an in-depth list. This includes the color and black & white. Click here to download.

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