Write-the-Room: Apostle Paul in Acts Review

Saturday, June 13, 2015
This is a fun way to review Paul about his life in the book of Acts.
*Everything has been updated with new files!*
Includes labels for Paul's Life in Acts Fact Sack! 
Write the Room:
Once you print one set of visuals and laminate (if you decide to), hang the visuals around the room at eye level for the students in random order. I put #1 on one wall, then went to opposite wall for #2, then #3 on another wall, etc. so they had fun looking for them. Print an answer sheet for each student. I attached each student answer sheet to a clipboard. I did not put the numbers on the updated visuals so you can easily delete any you didn't teach or need to skip.
We walked around the room and the students wrote something about each event in Paul's life in the correct section on their worksheet as we discussed each visual.
**This can be used as a standard lesson without walking around the room.  The options depend on what you like to do, how many students you have and how your students act in the classroom. It can be divided into more than one lesson also if you prefer to review more in-depth.
I began the lesson with Stephen. Read Acts 6:8. When was the first time we learned about Paul? Read Acts 7:57-60 What name did he use then? Is the book of Acts in the Old or New Testament? Who wrote it? What else did Luke write? We opened to Acts 8:3-4 and read it and briefly discussed it. Then I had the students find the first visual. We walked to it and discussed what they remembered and I added what they didn't. 
I had help for this lesson and while I was doing the visuals with the students, my assistant was showing and adding review items to a bag for them to take home. For a larger class, I suggest having everything ready to take home and show each item as you teach. If they take these items out of the bag, they should be able to remember the lesson for each item. Here is the list of items (the underlined is a clickable link to help you. You can also download it and the printables below.):
Intro: Stephen
1. Saul Blinded by Light
2. Leaves Damascus @ Night
basket or printable
3. Lydia
Purple cloth & shell
4. Paul & Silas in Prison
Music note diecut (Dollar Tree school dept. or local School Supplies store)
5. Mars Hill
Earth diecut (Dollar Tree school dept. or local School Supplies store)
6. Aquila & Priscilla
Bag of money (Play money @ Dollar General)
7. Eutychus
8. Agabus
Strip of non-fray fabric for a belt
9. Paul Captured in Jerusalem
10. Paul's Nephew Saves Him                    
Heart printable
Roman Soldier
11. Paul Before Felix
Dollar sign necklace (because that is why Felix kept him for 2 years)
12. Festus & King Agrippa
Crown printable
13. Shipwrecked
Boat diecut (Dollar Tree school dept. or local School Supplies store)
14. Snake bit on Malta
Rubber snakes (Dollar Tree toy dept. or Target/ Party City party dept. or Oriental Trading)
15. Rome
Scroll printable
Click here to download the above list, lesson and worksheet and the printables that are listed.

Click here to download the Paul in Acts updated visuals and Event Cards. The Event Cards are smaller visuals that can be used like trading cards. They can be shuffled and put in order. Students can write something about each event on the back. The lesson is included in this file. Depending on time and the students, the Event Cards can be used during the lesson to write a key fact on the back and they can be added to their  Fact Sack. The Event Cards can be glued to pages in a notebook and students can add scriptures, Bible verses and notes about each event.


  1. Thanks Debbie for linking up so faithfully each week at Good Morning Mondays.. You have such great resources. Thanks and blessings

  2. You always share such great Bible resources. Our church is skipping our year 4 in our cycle and jumping back to 1 to get the Jr. High in sinc with the elementary kids; I was so hopping to dive into this part of the New Testamant with the kids!

    Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a great weekend,

  3. Brilliant! What a fun way to teach without the lecture. I'm planning to homeschool my one-year-old, so I'm always on the hunt for fun lessons. Thanks!

  4. Love this. We are studying Acts at church and also my on-line morning devotions. I liked this for me too.


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