12 Questions: Memphis Ministry Day 4 Jesus

Saturday, August 29, 2015
We had a Memphis mission in July which you can see more here. The Elders decided to do a mission work in our home town. The Deacons that work with the children set up a mini VBS style learning session for the kids for the 2 hours that the adults were in the assembly. I asked to teach about Moses. I have a lot of visuals and there is so much to study about him. I wanted to discuss the Old Law and bring the last night of learning into the New Law and Jesus. So, this last post is the fourth nights lesson which was Old Law vs. New Law and condensed Life of Jesus.

 As you can see below, I used a lot of hands on visuals for these lessons.
You can see some of them below and click on the underlined description to see more:
Since I am using a newer room that I can't staple stuff to the walls, I used a science board (tri-fold board) and created a background for each lesson. I wanted Jesus returning to Heaven where He is now with God His Father. I added string for the belt to make Jesus more dimensional. The directions and templates can be downloaded here.
www.biblefunforkids.com   http://www.biblefunforkids.com/2014/07/john-baptizes-jesus.html
I also used my Stand-Up Jesus that I purchased for VBS last year.You can find it here. I also had the Baptism of Jesus Trifold set up.
http://www.biblefunforkids.com/2014/07/how-to-make-manger-for-baby-jesus.html   www.biblefunforkids.com
I used the Manger of Jesus and the Resurrection of Jesus display for Lazarus. I just wrapped Lazarus with the white mesh bandage.
 I found this cross years ago and it is about time to replace it. There is a screw on a board that I put the cross on to hold it.
I made these headbands for the kids as the handout. I will review Jesus coming and His birth, death and resurrection and Jesus returning to Heaven. The download has the color and black & white to print. Click here to download the headbands.

I also used these coins as a hand out for the students.
I wanted something a little for this lesson, so I decided to use the Magnetic Board Printables that Cathy uses. I also used a lot of Hand On Visuals for this lessons. These can also be used as regular visuals, or on a flip chart. Just print, cut, laminate and add a magnet on the backs of the visuals. Click here to print the visuals.
I wrote this lesson with the intent to discuss the Old Testament Laws versus the New Testament changes and what wants from us now. There were changes when Jesus died on the cross from the old law to the new law. I also wanted to teach them as many basic facts of the Bible that I could, since some had never been in a church building before. But, the key I wanted to discuss for this age group is that Jesus is in Heaven with His Father and God loves us. Click here to download this lesson.
                       Part 1 is here.                          Part 2 is here.                         Part 3 is here.


  1. Hey Debbie,

    Good morning! I came over on Soul Survivor to find your site.

    I've stopped by before, but I didn't realize until today that we live in the same city! When I saw your 12 questions Memphis deal, I caught on. We live in Cordova and serve at different churches around the area when they are without a minister.

    Love all of your lessons and creative ideas for kids. I would think many could benefit from your creativity and sharing.

    I hope to connect with you again soon, and I wish you a wonderful Labor Day~

  2. I love that you guys are busy blessing folks at home! We need to keep our eyes open; the lost are all around us and the Kingdom of Heaven is still at hand!

  3. Your little students are so blessed to have you!
    Thanks for linking up with Grace & Truth! :)


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