The Prodigal Son

Tuesday, September 1, 2015
This is my latest way to teach The Prodigal Son!
This year as I prepared to teach The Prodigal Son, I had a couple of issues. First, I couldn't find any type of pig that I always use for a take home. I have always found some type of ceramic pig or piggy bank for $1.00. Somewhere. I usually buy stuff for class through the year, because you can't find it when you need it! But, I haven't seen any pigs for the last year. Plus, there are a lot more kids in this year's class and this class is mostly boys.
So, I had to try something different. I rarely have food in the class. It has to specifically tie in to the lesson. I teach the same class for a year, and probably have food 2-3 times. That makes it more special and a treat. But I decided to make this Chex treat and make it like 'pig food'. Well, that's what I told them. I set up the pigs I have from VBS and tossed the hula skirts in front of them to look like  a pig pen. The kids sat on the floor in front of the pigs for the lesson.
I mixed these items in a bowl Saturday night and when we talked about the son having to feed the pigs, I let them eat! I used chocolate Corn Chex (It had different colors), Cheerios, peanuts (unless someone has allergies), stick pretzels, bite size bagel chips (broken in half) and chocolate chips
I also used this new worksheet. You will see it again in a Cathy's Corner post. I added it in Cathy's post because I used the same graphics. But this was a great discussion starter and review. You can print it in color or black & white. Click here to download.
This set of visuals have been updated as shown. The 'cloud' effect has been removed and background has been cleaned up. All the visuals are not shown and all available Sweet visuals for this lesson are included.
(These are the same as the visuals but are black & white.)
You can find the lesson and everything to teach the Prodigal Son here.
You can find the wood pigs & more here.


  1. How creative! I'm sure the kids loved the visual, ha, especially since they were allowed to consume it. :) Blessings, I was your neighbor at Grace and Truth ♥


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