Monday, December 14, 2015

This is a short post with some ideas for Ezekiel. I decided to teach this lesson this year because I have mostly boys and knew they would love it!
I found these skeletons at Dollar Tree (but they are everywhere in October). I spread out felt for the valley and laid the skeletons on it. I also had one for the students to take home. I had this laid out on the floor and planned to teach from the floor, but after some thinking about having mostly boys in this class, I set it up in the center of the table.☺
I also used this Cheetos Bag of Bones with this lesson. (I found them at Wal Mart or Kroger)
 One of the rare times to have food in the class, but they loved it!
I used this worksheet to discuss what we can do to live for God. God wants us to be alive working for Him and using everything we can for Him! The download includes the color and black & white to print. Click here to print.
I used this worksheet to review the lesson.
I used these Cathy's Corner Magnetic Board Visuals to teach the lesson.Click here to see the original set. I changed a couple of the Magnetic Board visuals to teach this. You can download the set I used here. And, click here to download the lesson outline I used that is numbered and has the key words underlined.(I did begin with a little background about Ezekiel is in the Old Testament, and a major prophet, etc.) Remember to number your visuals on the back before laminating.
You can find the lesson, different visuals, worksheets and more here.

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