FBI: Classroom Decorating Ideas

Friday, December 11, 2015
I was asked to decorate this classroom for an Elder that is teaching the class of middle school students. You can find the material here. The teachers and students are really enjoying the study!

This post is just ideas for decorating a Bible class with any FBI or Investigators theme. You can click here to purchase the material with more ideas and posters. I kept the door simple. I had cut the paper to totally cover the door, but as I began to put it together, I figured with kids, I would just be fighting to keep the background up for a year. So, I cut it down and used this. I have Duct Tape I use for my IFA classroom and used it at the top and bottom to secure the paper. (Although, I just used rolled up masking tape to attach it to the door.) Click here to download some of the misc. posters I created.
For the FBI Watch List, I originally used this idea in my IFA Acts study class. I put two poster boards together and used the Duct Tape around the outside edges to make a border. You can find decorative Duct tape just about anywhere to use.
This is the first quarter and will be the few things I will change each quarter. You can download (Genesis) the first quarter here. This includes the title and shield. I used rubber cement to attach the wanted people. This glue will allow me to peel them off each quarter and attach the new people.
The second quarter begins with Moses. You can download the 2nd quarter wanted set here.
A Creation poster comes with the visuals, which you can see below. So, I removed it for the study about Moses and added this 10 Commandments Poster. Click here to download it.
The sets for the third and fourth quarter will be added as they are created for the class.
I found these decorations for this wall here. I love it! A whole wall was complete once we cut it and stapled it! This room is supposed to look more like an office, than say, a room decorated for VBS.
This was the only request for the room! This is on the main wall that students see when they enter the room. I left the bulletin board as a cork board since it looks more like an office. I made a large banner to go above the bulletin board with the title and color decorative masking tape for the sides. We ran out of room for all the student posters, so I stapled the teacher's poster and the decorative poster on the wall along the side of the bulletin board. You can find the yellow tape here that is along the bottom.
Beside the above bulletin board, is this map that will be changed each quarter and the posters that you can purchase with the material. Click here to download some of the posters I used (including the earth symbol above).
The evidence boxes are an idea I found on Pinterest. These are stacked at the end of the wall with the computer monitors. I also found the Investigator shadow here. I just enlarged that onto black bulletin board paper and added the yellow paper for the light beam. The white board is on the right of this.
On the other side of the white board is this Bible investigation area. There is a Bible timeline that I placed in the corner at about eye level. There are some posters that comes with the FBI box. I also added some posters that will cover each quarter. Click here for the posters.
The bookshelf holds class and office supplies. The Bibles are also here... right next to the Bible investigation corner. I found this Height Chart idea and since the item is not for sale any longer, I made one. This is right next to the door, where you typically see them. This was also used for the student's Most Wanted Posters. I just used white bulletin board paper and a ruler, but I used my Cricut machine to cut the numbers.
The last photo is the general look of the room. You can see the tables lined up with cubicles attached to them to look like an office. This idea is in the FBI manual, and you can purchase it here to see more.
 You can find more ideas and printables here.
There are posters and bulletin board printables and ideas here.
You can find more investigation ideas on my Pinterest board here.


  1. Hi Debbie, My wife and I and the ones that developed all the crafts for the FBI. We love what you did with the decoration. That's what really makes a difference when someone really puts a lot effort into the details. Thanks for posting this. I love to see that people are using the FBI curriculum and how they are using it. Thanks again and GREAT JOB!!! From David and Beth Jordan

    1. Hello David & Beth! So glad you approve! I wanted to show enough to get people to want to buy the material without giving your ideas away that are in the book! I appreciate your comment!


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