Cathy's Corner: Facts From Acts

Tuesday, April 5, 2016
Acts is an obvious favorite book of mine, 
and here is another addition from Cathy's Corner!
The lesson was written by Cathy Whitacre and she has permitted me to share it with you. Included in her files with the lesson is a set of visuals that she uses with a magnetic board. I have included the updated visuals which can be used various ways listed below.

Facts From Acts: Overview Lesson About Acts
Who- Acts is written by Luke the doctor, he also wrote the book of Luke. When you read these two books together, we can get a continuous record of the events from the birth of Jesus to the beginning of His church and the spreading of the gospel.
What- Acts is known as the book of History and the word means "Things the Apostles did".
When- It was written around 30 A.D. and covers a 30 year time period.
Where- Throughout Judea and Samaria.
Why- To give us the history of the church and the Plan of Salvation.
Chapter 1-2 Jesus ascends to heaven but first He tells His apostles that they would receive the Holy Spirit to help them go out and preach the good news to the world. The church began on the day of Pentecost with 3,000 being baptized.
Chapter 3-4 Peter and John healed a lame man in the name of Jesus. They continued to boldly preach about Jesus which made the Jewish leaders angry. The new Christians shared what they had.
Chapter 5 Ananias and Sapphira lied about the price they received for some land they sold. Apostles were beaten for preaching about Jesus. Peter tells the Sanhedrin that "we should OBEY God, rather than man". 5:29
Chapter 6-7 Seven men were chosen to help take care of the widows so the apostles could continue their teaching and preaching. Stephen was the first Christian to die for preaching about Jesus. Saul was at the stoning. Jesus had been crucified by these same angry men.
Chapter 8 As the church grew, Saul continued to persecute the Christians. Philip teaches the Ethiopian Eunuch who was very important and converted him. We also learn the importance of immersion and that it is the only form of baptism. 8:38
Chapter 9 On the road to Damascus, Saul the one who had persecuted Christians, was blinded by a light from heaven. He was taught about Jesus and was baptized. He would be persecuted for teaching about Jesus.
Chapter 10-11 Peter preaches to the Gentiles after learning that the Gospel is for all men and not just the Jews. Disciples were first called Christians in Antioch. 11:26
Chapter 12 James is put to death by the sword for preaching about Jesus. Peter is arrested, and the church pray earnestly for him.

Chapter 13-21 Saul is now known using his Roman name which is Paul. He starts his missionary journey's preaching to the cities of Rome, Corinth, Ephesus and Philippi where he establishes churches in each city.
Chapter 22-28 Paul goes on trial before the governors and other leaders. Paul survives a shipwreck and is on the Island of Malta. He is put under house arrest for two years and still preaches about Jesus.
Summary: Acts 1:8 "... And you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem ,and in all Judea and Samaria and to the end of the earth."
  Cathy uses these visuals with a magnetic board. She cuts the pieces out, numbers them on the back, laminates them and adds thin magnets on the back. Put your title up first, then add and take away each visual as you teach the lesson. They can also be used as visuals alone, a flip chart, and/or a bulletin board.

 Click here to download the lesson & updated visuals.
Cathy Whitacre is a Christian, wife, mother, Nana, sister, and friend. Cathy and her husband Gerry worship with the New Hope church of Christ, in Bradyville, Tennessee.
Family has been one of her crowning joys in life. Married to Gerry for over 47 years they have had many years of adventure and love. Her children and grandchildren have kept her busy and happy. Everywhere Cathy has lived from Ohio, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee and more she has made dear friends who she considers family.
Cathy has had the opportunity to participate in mission work for many years. She has had the privilege of speaking at Ladies Days, teaching Vacation Bible Schools, and conducting workshops in Jamaica, Scotland, New Zealand, and here in the United States.
Cathy has been involved in teaching for over 50 years, from nursery to adults. Cathy feels that Christian Education is one of the greatest mission efforts we can be involved in, and the benefits are eternal.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing all of your lessons! They are absolutely wonderful! I am helping to teach (on short notice) a Wednesday night Bible Class on Acts for the summer and will be using your website extensively!

  2. I so much appreciate your lessons! We have a very good curriculum we use with our Centreville, Virginia, church family, but for the younger levels, more has to be added. Your site has been a wonderful help! - Gina

  3. Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing it. I do the crafts for the kids at my church in NC, and they always enjoy what I find for them to do. Some things I find I have to change because they will say "Sunday" or "Sunday School" in them, and we worship on the Sabbath which is Saturday so I simply change the words to that. Thanks for the help in teaching our young people.

  4. Why does the "where" section only list Judea and Samaria and not say "outer most parts of the earth"? Especially since there are so many other areas Paul's goes?


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