Lifting Up The King VBS: Banners

Thursday, April 7, 2016
Our VBS this year is Lifting Up the King. We will study some great kings of the Bible: David, Solomon, Josiah and Jesus. Jesus being the greatest King of all. This post includes the banners (flags) I created for our classroom.
I basically wanted the classroom to feel like a throne room. I put a king on each wall, which you will see in the posts that follow. But, these banners and the directions will take up too much space to post for each king. You can download each blank template for the banner you prefer. Click on the banner you want to enlarge it and right click copy or save. Paste to your preferred document to add your text or graphics.

I debated how to create these, but ended up using a sheet of poster board per banner. I didn't cut the sides at all, just the design at the bottom and top. I decided to paint each banner, because that is the look I wanted. You could use felt or fabric. You can use bulletin board paper, but I wanted mine to hang flat and thought the designed edges would curl and get on my nerves. You can also use a machine to cut out your letters. Anyway, there are so many ways to make these!
These are two different banners, one I used a stamp pad to make the antique look and the other is painted grey. All the banners in this post are flat without the dowel rod to hang them. You can see the finished banners on each post. The top flaps will be nailed to a dowel rod with ends attached to finish it off. I used colored cord to hang each banner. I purchased these larger jewels to bling the banners.
 The above are the ones I created for our VBS theme. I used one on the door and one in a corner to cover a tent I have in my room. You can click here to download the same banners I created.
For this post, I have photos of the flat (not on dowel rods yet) banners for each day. Then you will see the blank banners. You can right click and save or copy & paste. All the black & white banners are the blank templates that you can use to create your own look. The right banner is plain without a design, which I didn't use.
Day 1: King David
Day 2: King Solomon
Day 3: King Josiah
Day 4: Jesus, The King of Kings
This is how we made the poles and attached the banners. We purchased 1/2" dowel rods. Depending on the width of your banners, leave enough on each side to add the wood ends to finish them off. We used these on the two main theme banners. And, these were cheaper, so I used these on all the others. I also used this craft cord to hang them. Click here to download the banners I created. We used a staple gun to attach the flaps at the top to the dowel rod, then turned it so the ends were on the back of the banner. We hammered these tacks found in the fabric upholstery isle to the end flaps to keep it turned how I wanted it. Note: If you use hard wood dowel rods, it is harder to hammer the tacks... oops.
Here are a couple bonus templates!


  1. Wow, I can't believe it's almost time for VBS again! My boys absolutely love VBS and it's amazing to see all the kids have such fun learning more about God. These banners are awesome! What a great theme for VBS! Thanks for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week :)

  2. Beginning to prepare for VBS as well...our theme is farm-based! But these are really neat! Thanks for sharing the idea!! It gets me thinking : ) #ThoughtProvokingThursday

  3. Awesome ideas!!! Thank you for always sharing!!!


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