Lifting Up the King VBS: Jesus: King of Kings

Friday, July 22, 2016
Our VBS for 2016 is Lifting Up the King. We studied great kings of the Bible. Day 4 was Jesus: King of Kings taken from Revelation 19:16. The theme for Jesus was His humble life. 
I decorated each wall for a different person. I planned to make each wall a throne room, but as I worked on them, I wanted Jesus as you see above. I purchased the cloud paper for the wall background, and added Jesus to the center. I also purchased these standup clouds here to add dimension. Click here to download the kings.
I made 2 different banners for each person. These are close-ups before they were attached to the dowel rods. I used poster board, but you can use felt, fabric, bulletin board paper, etc. I painted the designs, but you could use markers, chalk, etc. Then I added jewels for sparkle for VBS.
Click here to see more with the free templates (plain and mine).
Each post has something extra for decorating that I did. For this post, I am showing you the door for the hallway entry. I wanted a sort of castle door look. I used this wood bulletin board paper you can find at your local teacher's supply store and comes in different sizes.
I created this banner to announce the theme and added the welcome Topper with our age group. For the rock around the door frame: I measured from my door to the door next to me (mine is 17") because that would be the widest the rocks could be. I cut the rock paper the length and the width. I cut off all the rocks that were not a full rock along one edge, keeping the black and cutting it with the shape of the rock I was keeping.
 I also added the door hinges. I printed one for a template and cut them out of black cardstock. I added the brads (like these, but pewter ). They make a great cheap accent! On my template (folded in half lengthwise), I used a very small hole punch to make the holes. When it is opened, the holes will match for you. Download the door template here.
For our VBS lessons, I intended to teach a brief overview of each king's life. Some of the facts are to help students remember (or learn) some of the basics of their life, and part of the discussion is to learn why they were great kings. And, that is what the lesson you can download below begins with.

But, I began with saying the kings we had studied the last couple of nights are found in the Old Testament. We are going to learn about Jesus and He is found in the New Testament. I named the first 4 books and said they are called the Gospels and we learn about Jesus in these books.

His birth (age 0), the wise men visiting (age 1.5-2), Jesus left behind at the temple (age 12), then we aren't told anything until He turns 30 and begins His ministry. He is baptized, even though He did not sin. Then He went to the wilderness and told Satan no when He was tempted. Just like God wants us to do. I took a little time to discuss temptation.

Then, I discussed the Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem and Jesus returning to Heaven. Jesus told His disciples to Go and teach to everyone. Baptize for remission of sins. What we call the great commission.  Why is Jesus the greatest king? The King of Kings?

We like to have some sort of application game or activity to review or reinforce the lesson. For Jesus, Paulette wanted to discuss things they can do to Go. Teach. Or help. Since I had the great commission as the final part of the lesson, this is what she decided to apply to the students. Paulette brought a basket and put things inside that can be used for different missions. For instance, (I can't remember everything) a shirt, a vase, a book, a bulletin from our worship service, bottled water, snacks, can of soup, card (get well, thank you) a puzzle, etc. How can these items be used to help others? Some are obvious. But, say the puzzle, can be used to spend time with someone that can't leave their house. Or, pick up toys, or entertain a brother or sister. I would add a Bible, gift card and money. And a cell phone because they could call just to say hi to someone with help from their parents. You could also discuss missions that your church does to show them how we are helping to teach the Word.
I used these Magnetic Board Visuals for VBS. I wanted something different and they hold the student's interest. To use these, print (on cardstock if possible), cut out, laminate and add magnets on the back. As you are teaching the lesson, you just add the numbered graphic. Click here to download these visuals.
 Click here to download the lesson to use with these visuals. This lesson has the corresponding numbers to use with these visuals and is the same lesson as below.
Click here to download Pictures to color.
Click here to see:
Click here to see more for the Triumphal Entry.

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