Make Your Own Chart Stands

Tuesday, July 26, 2016
I wanted these chart stands to use at home, but they would be great in a Bible classroom also.
I showed one of the pictures of the table top chart stands to my husband and asked if he could make me one. Well, I knew he could, so basically the question was "Will you?"
After discussing what I wanted, he picked up these supplies at Lowes:

For this table top poster stand:
2- 3/4-inch PVC Tee (item #23874 @ .50 each)
6- 3/4-inch 90-Degree PVC Slip Elbow (item #23868 @ .53 each)
1- PVC Pipe 3/4-inch x 10-ft (item # 23990 $2.44)

Note: These pieces do not screw in, each piece just pushes in the connecting part.
From the PVC pipe, cut these:
5 @ 13"
4 @ 4"

He used a Saws All to cut the PVC pieces. They fit into the tee's and elbow really nice. They can be glued to stay together, but I didn't because they fit good and I want to be able to take them apart and store them. Also, I can easily take them apart to take and use in Bible class!
Since I will be using these with preschoolers at home, I wanted the pipe along the base for more stabilization. My husband painted them after they were put together. See below for directions to add clips to hold the charts.
Since that was so easy, how about another one? This one I wanted for the floor to use with posters.
He went back to Lowes and got the same supplies again (see the above list) and picked up the paint also. I said I wanted teal or turquoise, and he found the perfect color!
For the floor poster stand, cut these pieces:

2 @ 24"
3 @ 20"
4 @ 4"
For both of my stands, I wanted to use clips to hold the posters. I didn't want to put holes in my laminated papers or posters! So, we put in a screw, washer and used a wing nut to attach it.  I used the clips I found at Dollar Tree. These are much easier for my hands to use, but you could use whatever clips you have and like.
I saw the table top stand on Pinterest, of course. We put together ideas from these posts and made them the size and the way I wanted them. This post from Falling Into First has directions and more including Washi Tape to finish it. I liked this one also from Differentiation Station. It has a different base (like I wanted) and more ideas. Check them both out and make your own!

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