VBS 2016: Lifting Up the King Decorations

Friday, July 29, 2016
This year our VBS was Lifting Up the King.
We originally discussed Great Kings of the Bible:
David, Solomon, Josiah and Jesus the most important of all.
Lifting Up the King is Great Oak's theme for this year, so
we continued it with VBS. Thanks to Kelly and Donna!
This is the front door entryway.
 These two pictures show outside Solomon's Temple.
These photos are the foyer and
are Solomon's Temple.

Solomon's throne in the foyer.
The sign-in area in the foyer.
The auditorium. Sorry, I don't know who to credit for these decorations.
Close up of the throne.
 Close-up of right side of auditorium.
Close-up of left side of auditorium.
 As you walk through the foyer through the hall to the classrooms,
 there is this small vestibule. This was decorated as bedding in David's kingdom.
David's kingdom
From the vestibule to the hallway, this was decorated as a full size Triumphal Entry.
The people and buildings are shadows. The people are lined up
on each side with the palm leaves spread all over.
There are candles in the windows of the buildings and were on timers that
came on and turned off themselves during VBS.
You can see from the Triumphal Entry hallway, this shadow of Jesus
and His disciples. It was dark in this hallway and there was a light focused on this from behind.
This is another hallway that was decorated for Jesus.
Kelly and her daughters had fun tie-dying this sheet to create
this awesome finished look. Once the tie-dye was dry, they
just painted the rest in black paint. It looked incredible!
This is the puppet room where the kids also had their snacks. They are given time to eat,
then they get to enjoy more Bible learning. I don't know who to give credit
for these walls, but they looked great and perfect for this area.
Thanks to Kelly for permission to photograph her and Donna's decorations
so I could share them with you!
http://www.biblefunforkids.com/2016/07/lifting-up-king-vbs-king-david.html   http://www.biblefunforkids.com/2016/07/lifting-up-king-vbs-king-solomon.html
Day 1 King David               Day 2 King Solomon
http://www.biblefunforkids.com/2016/07/lifting-up-king-vbs-king-josiah.html      http://www.biblefunforkids.com/2016/07/lifting-up-king-vbs-jesus-king-of-kings.html

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