Bulletin Boards For Winter & More

Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Assorted Bible bulletin boards for Winter. Other boards can be used anytime.

Thanks so much to the following people that has allowed me to share their bulletin boards here.
 They are not in any order.
Thanks to everyone for letting me share your bulletin boards!
Our theme for this was Lifting up the King and I love this bulletin board by Arinne Alsup!
She used different pieces of construction paper to create a stained glass effect.
That Their Heart May Be Encouraged Being Knit Together in Love. Colossians 2:2
This quilt look was created by Carren Marvin with squares of scrapbook paper
pieced together. A wide ribbon was attached around the edges to complete the look.
How is Your Spiritual Vision? was created by Judy Deising.
I love this one for Winter by Judy Deising.
She used plastic snowflakes that I have seen at several stores.
This tells you how far behind on bulletin boards I am!
Carren Marvin put Star Wars up last year using Matthew 14:31 as the scripture.
Jesus does find our lack of faith disturbing!
A perfect bulletin board for February by Cathy Ross.
I like the crossword puzzle effect!

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