4.13. The Great Catch of Fish & Breakfast With Jesus

Friday, April 14, 2017
This concludes our series learning about Jesus. This is week 13 in the fourth quarter of a year of Preschool Bible Study that I assist with on Wednesday evening. Next week, I will begin posting the second quarter which will begin with Moses. I wanted to finish the year with the thought that Jesus lived and returned to Heaven where He is now.
Jesus did so many great things! The people loved Him, but some people didn’t believe that He was God’s Son. They put Jesus on a cross to die. That was very sad. Then they put Jesus in cave called a tomb. Jesus was in the tomb for 3 days, but He came back to life just like He told His Disciples He would!
Jesus told His disciples to go and wait for Him in Galilee.
While the Disciples were waiting to see Jesus, and Peter decided that he was going fishing. There were other 6 disciples that told Peter that they would go fishing also.
They are at the Sea of Galilee. They had been fishing all night but they didn’t catch any fish. The next morning, there was a man on the shore and they didn’t know who He was. He asked them if they had any food and they said no.

 He told them to “Cast the net on the right side of the boat and they would find some.” (John 21:6) When they tried to pull up the net, it was so full of fish, they couldn’t pull up the net! (another miracle) John told Peter that it’s Jesus! Peter was so excited that he pulled on his coat and jumped into the sea and swam to the shore! The other Disciples went in the fishing boat and brought it to the shore, dragging the full net behind them. The net was too full to pull into the boat!
Once they landed on shore, they saw a fire with fish laid on it and there was bread also. Jesus told them to “Bring some of the fish you just caught.” Peter went over and dragged the net onto land. It was full of large fish! There were 153 fish and the net wasn’t torn! Jesus told them to “Come and eat breakfast!”  This was the third time Jesus saw the disciples since He died and lived again. When they went over to Jesus, He gave them bread and fish to eat. Scripture reference is John 21:1-14.
I taught this in two different parts. Because of several factors, this was posted last week, but wasn't on our schedule. I combined them here and wanted to make it clear that Jesus lived again after He did on the cross, so I began with that and we did this short project. Click here to print.
Then, I took everyone over to the fire I had set up and taught the second part.
I purchased one of these blow up campfires. I usually have a nicer fire set up for this lesson, but because of time on Wed. nights, this is much faster to set up and take down. Plus, this is safer for this age group. I used these fish for the students to sit around the fire for this lesson. We also brought Goldfish (for the fish) and bread for the meal that Jesus fed them. I used these small fish (download here) for this age group. Or, you can download full size here (I used with early elementary ages). These are black & white and I print on different colors of cardstock. You can see I tucked them in the fire and let the kids pick their color.
The above visuals were used with permission and can be downloaded free here.
 Sorry, they are not available as pictures to color.
Click here to see ideas for The Great Catch of Fish for preschool.
Click here to see the early elementary lesson, ideas and printables. This also includes a photo of the fire I use for early elementary that is mentioned above.

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