Spring, Summer and General Bible Bulletin Boards

Monday, April 17, 2017
Assorted Bible bulletin boards for Spring and Summer.
Includes several bulletin boards that can be used anytime.

Thanks so much to the following people that has allowed me to share their bulletin boards here.
 I try to put these in order of when they were up on the wall, or in order of calendar month.
Thanks to everyone for letting me share your bulletin boards!
This HIStory bulletin board for Graduation has various file folders with:

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, Prodigal Son, Wise Man/Foolish Man
Baptism, Fruit of the Spirit and Husbands & Wives Folders.
They each have a PULL TAB with more information inside.
Psalm 119:11 is the scripture on the chalkboard on the right side.
Thank you Carren Marvin.
Thanks to Judy Deising for the Flag bulletin board.
The red stripes were made with red streamers! 
This bulletin board was created by Carren Marvin. I love the pop from the tree!
 If Google Translated the message correctly, it says:
If He cares for the birds,
He will take care of me, too.
Thanks to Arinne Alsup for this Our Week Without God bulletin board.
I have seen this general board on Pinterest, so here is a new twist!
Another Pinterest find created by Arinne Alsup.
This is a great Fruit of the Spirit visual!
Hope in God is the theme this year, so here are two totally different
bulletin boards with two different scriptures.
This one is thanks to Arinne Alsup.
Hope in God in Jeremiah 28:11
Thanks to Judy Deising!
Another hand drawn design by Arinne Alsup.
I love the chalkboard style and Esther 4:14 is a great scripture to remember.
I love this board by Emma Carey. This was created for L2L.
Ruth was part of the studies for this year.
I realize the banner is not showing up good, but the circles are lace doilies.
The poms on the edge make a great pop!

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