2.8. Joshua & the 12 Spies

Friday, July 7, 2017
The Spies lesson is number 8 in the second lesson in the second quarter of our preschool Bible study. This is a great study in having faith in God and leads to bigger things.
God’s people were divided into groups called tribes. There were 12 tribes.
God told Moses to have one man, a leader, from each tribe of Israel go spy a new land called Canaan. What is spy? To investigate, or to look closely
There were 12 tribes, so there were 12 men sent to search the land of Canaan.
Moses wanted to know what the people were like. How many were there? How was the land, is it good or bad? Are there forests? Are the cities like camps or they like strongholds? He told them to 'be of good courage' (be brave) and bring back some of the fruit from the land. It was the season for ripe grapes.
They searched the land 40 days. When the twelve men returned, they told the people that the land flowed with ‘milk & honey’. That means there was a lot of good food and land.
The men showed the people the grapes they had brought back. The branch was one grape cluster and was so big, they had to put it on a pole and carry it between 2 men!
The men also told them that the people in the new land were strong, and the cities were very large and protected. The people became very upset and said “We can’t fight against people in the new land! We are so small, and they are so big! We cannot win!”
The people didn’t think they could win battles in the new land. But Caleb and Joshua told the people that “With God’s help, we will take the new land! God is with us! Have faith and God will help us win the battles!”
Caleb and Joshua were the only two men out of the twelve that went to spy the new land that had enough faith in God to help them. But, when they go to the new land and fight, God is with them.
God wants us to have faith in Him, too.
Lesson found in Numbers 13-14.
The kids love using the dot markers!  (They are also available at Michaels, so you can use their coupon to get it cheaper!) This one includes the completed teacher's visual, and the dot marker in color and black & white for the students. We have them do the dot markers first so they have time to dry, then when we are finished with the lesson, they can color the paper. The students can color the grapes with crayons, markers, paints, etc. if you do not have the dot markers. Click here to download.
You will only find the above visual with the men returning with the cluster of grapes here. It has been color corrected, updated and the grapes added for this lesson.
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These visuals have been updated with most of the background removed as shown.
The visuals are not all shown that are in the download.
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