Life of Jesus Review

Monday, July 10, 2017
This was created to be used as a file folder game, but can be used different ways to review the life of Jesus.
This is what the inside will look like if you decide to make a file folder game. Each space has an event from Jesus' life and the students will find the correct card (s) to lay on the space. I made this to use because I can't find enough items for a Fact Bag, but if you print one set, the whole class can work together to review Jesus. Or, you can print two sets and they can work as teams. Or, you can print one set and hold up cards, or let them pick them out of a basket and tell you what they remember about the events.
This is the front cover if you choose to use it as a file folder game. I will use this during the summer to review with my grandkids the life of Jesus. This is in color only and directions are included.

 Life of Jesus events included are:
Birth of John
Birth of Jesus
Wise Men Visit Jesus
Jesus in Temple at 12
Jesus is Baptized
Jesus is Tempted
Jesus Picks His Disciples
Jesus & His Miracles
Friends Lower Man Through a Roof!
The Lost Parables (Sheep, Coin, Prodigal Son)
Good Samaritan
Jesus Feeds 5000
Jesus Walks on Water
Triumphal Entry and Last Supper
Jesus in the Garden
Peter Denies Jesus
Jesus Death & Resurrection
Jesus Breakfast on Shore & Returns to Heaven


  1. Hope you are ok
    Greatly appreciate your lessons. The Weekly Religious Education with the 5th graders are also so helpful at the elementary school.
    Erlene Long

  2. Thank you very much for letting us use your work. By the way, are you going to Polishing the Pulpit? It will be an honor to meet you. I am Eida Nelson.


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