VBS Peter's Perseverance: General Decorating & More

Monday, July 24, 2017
Our VBS this year was about Peter. We have VBS Sunday evening through Wednesday. I chose four lessons that showed the Perseverance of Peter.
Like us, Peter made mistakes. For the first night, we studied Peter Walked on Water to Jesus.
The second night was Jesus in the Garden, Peter and Malchus and Peter Denied Jesus.
The third night was Peter's Vision and Cornelius.
The last night was Peter Escaped Prison.
Peter took his eyes off of Jesus, he denied Jesus. But, we learn of his sorrow when he realized what he did. Once Peter figured out that he wanted to be faithful to Jesus, he persevered. We learned of his vision and teaching Cornelius and his family. Like Paul and Silas, he was ok to be in prison knowing he was doing God's will. He was sleeping! After the angel came to free him, he went to be with other Christians and continued persevered in living his life for Jesus. 

Thanks to Kelly Ward and Donna Conway for letting me share their decorating ideas with you!
I just have the pictures and will share the basics of what was used where I can.
There are not any printables for this post.

Our minister had a fantastic lesson about Peter as an introduction to Peter. There is so much Bible  learning about Peter here. Seriously, you should listen to learn more here!

These are the walls as you walk in the foyer of the main entrance of the building. You can see Jesus and Peter in the water. The water was created by using different shades of bulletin board paper. The waves in front of Jesus are standups to make the water pop out. Every single wall was decorated with water!
The boat is right next the above Jesus and Peter. You can see the storm has stopped. I love the boat! They used the water bulletin board paper for the background. The boat is made from the Weathered Wood bulletin board paper. Add white fabric for the sails and some blue for water with a fish net and it is complete.
Here is another wall in the main foyer with a real boat!
Fun for the kids to sit in and get pictures taken!
Some walls were cover with the bulletin board paper waves. But, they had a twist! They used a shimmery blue fabric that is thin and light. They stapled it to the walls and connected it to the carpet. They placed fans under the fabric and made it wave. It looked beautiful!
The hallway was decorated with white bulletin board paper with the stone paper trimmed off as you see for the bottom. Tulle was hung from the ceiling and they used black lights for the lighting. So, I couldn't get decent pictures, so this is all I took!
We have a vestibule off the main foyer entry and the above hallway. Kelly and Donna created a prison for Peter. There were straw bales and lots of 'rocks' cut from bulletin board paper.
One of our elders dressed up as Peter and sat on a bale of hay for the kids. See him here.
 For the sheet coming down from the sky, this fabric went from the ceiling to the floor. There were different animals cut out from the bright paper. They really popped with the black light!
Check back every Monday in August to see each post!
1. Peter Walks on Water               2. Peter Denied Jesus
 3. Peter has a Vision & Teaches Cornelius               4. Peter Escapes Prison

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