VBS: Peter's Perseverance: Day 1. Peter walks On Water

Monday, August 7, 2017
This year's VBS was Peter's Perseverance. Peter is so interesting to study!
The fist lesson was Peter Walked on Water.
I used plain navy blue paper for the sky since it was night and storming. I added the clouds cut from gray paper and painted darker gray in some areas for accents. I used plain blue paper for the stormy sea and painted the waves to make the storm look. (These are floor to ceiling)
I used this new Shiplap paper to make the boat. I purchased the cheapest plain white fabric I could find for the sail. I printed these (click here) men on cardstock for the disciples in the boat. I pieced them together and tucked them under the boat.

I really didn't know what to do with the door and this is what I ended up with. In fact, I waited until the last minute hoping to think up something really appropriate. So, I designed it like a decorated prison door. I used this weathered wood paper for the background for the door. I pretty much started with the banner to announce VBS title. I added the shield and Welcome to VBS. I finished it off with the flourishes. I used a tan bulletin board paper for the background and used a sponge and stamp pad around the edges to make it look worn.

The hinge is not great looking in the printable. But, once you cut off the extra details that I couldn't remove, it looks great. The banner & shield are plain in the download and the flourishes are on their own page to apply where you choose. Click here to download the printables for the door.

Application: We spend part of our class time on some sort of fun application game. Paulette plans the activity. For this lesson, we wanted to reinforce keeping focused on Jesus. Even during life's struggles, challenges and experiences. They had so much fun with this! First, she used plastic ties to connect three plastic pool noodles together. She used duct tape to make two blue plastic table cloths one large piece of plastic. As you can see from the photo, the pool noodles will lay in the center of the plastic with a pillow at each end. A teacher will be under each side of the noodles so they can shake the plastic to be like waves. The students will walk across the noodles. Depending on the ages and abilities, the teachers can kick the noodles to make it harder. But, they persevere and keep on trying.
*Just a note* For the crafts for this lesson, they used glow in the dark markers to color their t-shirts. The kids loved this! For the next night, they made blue slime to review Peter walking on the water. You can find lots of slime recipes on Pinterest. They also had a small wood knob (like a peg) that they painted to use for Peter walking on the water. They absolutely loved this! I am not sure what Sara used for Peter, but it was something like this.
I created these Bible Verse Handouts for each lesson. I just printed on regular paper, cut the page into thirds and attached it to a small handout. For this lesson, I purchased these thin Jesus Loves Me Bracelets or the Pray Thin Bracelets (on sale). After rolling the Bible Verse like a scroll and tucking the bracelet inside, I used these teeny rubber bands to put everything together.
Click here to download the matching Bible Verse posters for each lesson.
  To use the Magnetic Board Visuals: Print on cardstock, cut out and laminate. Add magnets on the back to use as Magnetic Board Visuals. Or, they can be held up as you teach to use as visuals. They can be used on a bulletin board also. These are in color only. *The lesson is included in the download and has the corresponding numbers to use with the visuals.

Not all visuals are shown.

(These are the same as the visuals but are black & white.)
 VBS: Peter's Perseverance (Coming later this month!)

Click here (1) and click here (2) to see more ideas and printables for this lesson.

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