VBS: Peter's Perseverance: Day 4. Peter Escapes Prison

Monday, August 28, 2017

The last night of VBS Peter's Perseverance! This was a fantastic study!
I covered the whole wall with this rock wall paperAccording to the scripture, Peter would have been chained with a guard on each side.  So, I wanted Peter to look like he is in the middle. I purchased these shackles and inserted one of Peter's arms and a soldiers' arm in each shackle to add dimension. I have the Amazon link here, but they were cheaper on eBay. If you can find them in a store in October, you can save the shipping cost. This wall would be when Peter is handed off to the guards.
I wanted to add texture to the soldier's outfits. I found these Pyramid Spots at Hobby Lobby in the leather department. They are easy to use; just bend the prongs once it is inserted through the paper.
I purchased the torches here. I love them and they are perfect for VBS. But, they are loud. The fans blowing to move the fabric that is the flame would get on my nerves. So, I printed a flame on cardstock and inserted it into the top and used them that way. Also, the holder came with stick Velcro which I didn't want to use. So, my husband drilled two small holes in the flat center part and we used clear push pins to attach them to the walls. Click here to print the flames.
Click here to download the graphics for the decorations.

I asked our church secretary Brenda to print the windows for the prison wall on the larger paper (10x13?). Click here to print the prison windows.
Application: Paulette plans the application part of our class. For this lesson, she wanted to review all that we have learned. We usually play Family Feud the last night for application review. She asked general questions from each night's lesson. We divided them boys against girls. As you can see, we used a card table with a bell. If you have a buzzer or a 'Pit' bell, that is even better. Click here to download the questions Paulette used.
*Just a note* For the crafts, the kids made these PRAY banners. I do not know where Sara found the banners/flags she used, but you can find some here. The letters were traced on each pennant before they arrived and the adults helped tie them together. They used markers to decorate the letters. This is a great reminder for the kids to remember the power of prayer!

   I created these Bible Verse Handouts for each lesson. I just printed on regular paper, cut the page into thirds and attached it to a small handout. For this lesson, I purchased these little notebooks and these stickers.  After tucking the sticker inside the notebook and folding the Bible Verse, I used these teeny rubber bands to put everything together.

Click here to download the matching Bible Verse posters for each lesson.
To use the Magnetic Board Visuals: Print on cardstock, cut out and laminate. Add magnets on the back to use as Magnetic Board Visuals. Or, they can be held up as you teach to use as visuals. They can be used on a bulletin board also. These are in color only. *The lesson is included in the download and has the corresponding numbers to use with the visuals.

Not all are shown.
(These are the same as the visuals but are black & white.)
 VBS: Peter's Perseverance

 click here to see more ideas and printables for this lesson.

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