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Monday, September 25, 2017
Please keep in mind, this room was done probably 15 years ago. But, there are a lot of good ideas to use now. This is a small room in a small congregation, so we had to be very careful with the cost. I am more concerned with convenience and easy access when I am looking for supplies, so that was also taken in consideration. We took out every single thing that was in the room. I wish I had a before picture! It is unreal how much junk stuff can fit in a small room. The room is about 11'x11'. We painted basic white (remember, 15 years ago everything was wild colors and I didn't want it outdated in a year). We put new industrial carpet in. We squeezed  and used every inch of space!
As you walk into the room, this is the left side. I wanted the Accucut machine (over the Ellison) because the roller cut was easier for me than the pull down cut. It's all personal preference, but I have used several different ones of each and I like the Accucut better. (I use a Cricut at home to cut letters and other items). I have the bulletin board supplies here on this wall. Below the die-cut machine and accessories, my husband built in the partitions for the bulletin board sets. They are divided by season and Misc. The white poster board has a slot on the far left.
In the right corner on the floor are tubs for the bulletin board trim. They were divided by seasons and whatever else I had bulk of. I rolled each set and but a rubber band around them. I could pull out tubs and rearrange them as needed.
I purchased a lot of stickers on a roll here, so we made a wall holder for them. It looks like a double tray. We just laid the rolls on it. Teachers can see the stickers and easily pull off what they want. Or, take the roll to class and return afterwards. You can see the paper cutter and the beginning of the supplies above. There are a lot of activity, pictures and whatever books for the teacher to use for the lessons.

As I said, I wanted everything easy access. I wanted the clear containers. My husband wanted cabinets. I (Or other teachers) didn't want to have to play seek and find for class supplies. But, because of the cost difference, we went with the shelves and plastic containers. We were both glad once the room was done and people could easily find what they needed.
There are basically 5 sections of shelving. One is for basic teacher and class supplies. Pencils, pens, crayons, scissors, glue, markers, brads, etc. The section you see on the left is craft/project supplies. There are so many different items like craft sticks, jewels, yarn and string, paint, felt, foam, feathers, cotton balls, etc.
Below on the counter is a small laminator and book binder next to the paper cutter. You can kind of see on the far left bottom a set of drawers. That holds the small items like pens, pencils and staples.
In the cabinet along the floor, I put whatever was left! I can't remember everything, but Betty Lukens Felt. I had notebooks and clipboards stored here. We hid put the overstock of supplies in the cabinets. I always have a list and buy everything I will need for the year during the school supplies sales in August. I purchase all glue, glue sticks, crayons, markers, paint, notebooks while it is on sale. I still do and keep them in my cupboard in my classroom. I have new students in June every year, so I keep new supplies for them purchased in August.
On the right side, this set of shelves hold the curriculum. This also has magazines and basically any paper books that we kept. Ok, you can see how old this is because of the computer monitor!
I had a ladder for the teachers. This set of shelves holds the tracts and handouts. Things like that. We purchased 3 filing cabinets. One has Old Testament, one had Jesus and one drawer Acts. The other drawer has extra material. The Abeka visual Aids are there in the basket. I had a file for every lesson in the filing cabinets.
We had a trash can that we used to store the pieces of bulletin board paper that was cut off the rolls and could be used for another project.
This last area is the paper and copier area. You can see the shelves of color copier paper. Above that is junk items that didn't have a home elsewhere in the building. Old songbooks, old unclaimed Bibles, things like that. And more. Anyway, on the right you see two cupboards we purchased at Lowe's or Home Depot and I put cardstock in one and construction paper, printer paper and extra paper in them. We lived by a great store that we could purchase cardstock by the pound really cheap. So, yes, I had that cardstock cupboard full!
Behind the door, was rolls of bulletin board paper. We put up hooks above the door and put rolls on them.
So, no we didn't have a space for teachers to go in and do a lot of work. It is a small room. But, if you have ever taken care of a supply room, you know if you have an open, clear space, people will not keep it that way, so I didn't mind not having a lot of clear countertop!
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