God Makes the Animals in the Rainforest

Monday, March 5, 2018
This is an introduction to the Rainforest animals that is part of our preschool learning we did at home. It includes ideas that can be used at home to learn about God and His creation. *This is intended for home use or preschool (or kindergarten) classes. They are not intended for Bible class.*
This set of Rainforest posters are two per page to save ink. They are real photos of the Rainforest animals. I tried to get full body in their natural animal habitat. These are in color only. Click here to download.
I purchased this habitat pack and the kids love using stickers! I used the Rainforest set from this pack.
I found some rainforest stickers at the teacher's supply store, so I printed a Rainforest background and they put the stickers on it.
I also purchased the Safari Toobs Rainforest set of animals. They like the hands-on learning of each animal. These can be placed on the posters above as a match it game. These are much cheaper with a discount coupon at Hobby Lobby or Michaels (etc.).
We looked at these books from the library. This means this is what our library had available. If there is not a link, then it was not on Amazon at the time of posting. I suggest looking at your library to see what is available for free and if you love any of the books, then purchase them. Most of these are not really for preschoolers.
They loved the Five Hungry Pandas book. I kept changing my mind on whether to talk about the Giant Panda or the Red Panda. I decided on Red Panda because it looks so much like a raccoon and they loved them. I used this book to compare both pandas.

http://www.biblefunforkids.com/2018/03/god-makes-rainforest-animals-jaguars.html http://www.biblefunforkids.com/2018/03/god-makes-rainforest-animals-red-panda.html http://www.biblefunforkids.com/2018/03/god-makes-rainforest-animals-iguana.html  
I learned that it was easier and more fun to pick specific animals to study for each habitat.
The following are coming this month!
Click to see each that we studied:  Red Panda                          Jaguars                          Iguana  
Click here to see the list and links of the other animal habitats in this series.


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