11. Eutychus Falls Out of the Window!

Friday, March 2, 2018
Because the Christians were worshipping with Paul, I created an application printable about worship for preschoolers. Do's and don'ts for preschoolers. This can be used for any preschool lesson about worship.

Last week Paul was in Athens. He saw all the idols in the city that the people were worshipping. God said to only worship Him. Paul went to the middle of the city to a place called Mars Hill. He spoke to the people and said he had seen the idol to the unknown god. Paul told them about God, the One True God. The God that created heaven and earth.
Paul and some other Christians sailed to Troas. They were there seven days, and on the first day of the week, which is Sunday, the Christians assembled together to worship and take communion, just as Jesus commanded them to. Paul was planning to leave the next day, so he preached all day. He preached until midnight! Another part of worship that Jesus told us to do, on the first day of the week, is preaching.

Since it was dark, the people had a lot of lamps lit. They were together in an upper room on the third floor.
There was a young man named Eutychus in the room with them. He started to fall asleep, and he went into a deep sleep! He fell asleep and while Paul kept preaching, he fell out of the window! He fell from the third floor and died.
Paul went down to him and fell on Eutychus. Paul held him and told everyone “Don’t worry! He is alive!” Paul did a miracle and Eutychus lived!
The people went back to the upper room and ate and talked until the sun rose. When Paul left, the people were thankful that Paul had brought Eutychus back to life. They were thankful that they had gotten to spend time listening to Paul preach and to learn more about Jesus.

Today's lesson is in Acts 20:7-12.
To continue the concept of worship with the students, I created this booklet. There are direction included, but after printing the church building and cutting two lines out, the 'door' of the building will open and you can discuss ways for preschoolers to act during worship. The booklet is in color and black & white (though I didn't like how some of the graphics look for the black & white.) If you don't like to print 3 pages for each student, just print one and use it for a teacher's visual for application. You can print a picture to color below for take home. Click here to print.
This can be used for any lesson about worship. I did not put anything about Eutychus in it. Also, a teacher's visual can be made to keep with your supplies to use when you have extra time. It is a good discussion starter.
Click here to download the visuals.
All are not shown. These include all visuals for Acts 20.
Click here to download the pictures to color.
(These are the same as the visuals but are black & white.)

Click here to see the lesson for early elementary ages.

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  1. Thank you for for all you do. You materials are SPOT ON! True to the Bible.


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