Books of the Bible

Thursday, April 5, 2018
I had a request for these Books of the Bible wall visuals.
There are assorted styles to choose from and they are full page visuals.
These are great for bulletin boards and wall visuals.
These are the fronts of the Books of the Old Testament.
These are book fronts for the New Testament that match the above Old Testament books.
These are the same as the above. But, they are 4 per page to use as learning cards. They can be shuffled and put in order. They can be mixed and divided into Old or New Testament. (This is why I didn't put anything on the binding ends.)
This set is the Old Testament ends of the binders.
These are the ends of the binders and list the New Testament books.
These are plain book ends of the New Testament only.
This style of Books of the Bible is from The Bible is a Library.
Another option is Write the Room. Click here to see it.

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