Friday, April 6, 2018

14. Paul in Rome
This lesson for Paul for preschool is an extra if you teach by the quarter. There are a couple of extra lessons and you can delete the ones that you decide not to use.
We’ve been studying about the Apostle Paul’s life. The last couple of weeks we talked about Paul being a prisoner. He was put on a ship and taken to Rome.
While they were traveling, there was a storm and their boat hit a sandbar. Everyone swam to the Island of Malta.
Remember that a poisonous snake bit Paul when he was putting sticks onto a fire, but nothing happened to him. Paul healed the Island Governor's father and people came to him to be healed after they saw what Paul could do. Paul did a miracle!
The people on the island gave Paul and the others traveling with him everything they needed to finish their trip to Rome. Paul, the soldiers and other travelers left the island after being there for 3 months.
They stopped a couple of places on the way to Rome and it was easy sailing. They found Christians along their stops and were happy to visit with them. Paul was thankful to God and it made him stronger to know that there were other Christians.
When they arrived in Rome, the prisoners were handed over to the captain of the guard. Paul was allowed to stay by himself with a soldier to guard him.
After 3 days, Paul called the chief of the Jews together. He described what had happened to him, why he was a prisoner and how they should have let him go but didn’t. Paul told them that he had appealed to Caesar. Paul called for the Jews to tell them why he was there and ask for their help.
They told Paul that they wanted to hear what he thought. They set up a day for the people to go to where Paul was staying. Paul talked about Moses and the old law and the Old Testament prophets. Paul explained to them about Jesus. A lot of people came to see Paul to hear what he had to say. Some of them believed in Jesus and some did not. After Paul talked to them, the Jews left and discussed what Paul had told them.
Paul rented a house for two years, and that he was permitted to stay there. Paul was allowed to see everyone that came to visit him, and he taught everyone that he could about Jesus.

The scripture for today is Acts 28:11-31.
This is a one-page Flip Book with a very small overview of the text suitable for preschool.
This includes the color and black & white. I usually print a color version to use as a teacher's visual and black & white for the students. I prep them and use the for review.
Click here to see the early elementary lesson.

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