Monday, April 9, 2018

God Makes the Farm Animals 
This is part of our preschool learning we did at home. It includes ideas that can be used at home to learn about the animals God created. *This is intended for home use or preschool (or kindergarten) classes. They are not intended for Bible class.*
I put together notebooks for each person that included each habitat. I added the other animals we would be looking at like farm and pets to the same notebook. These farm animal posters were created to be able to see each farm animal. I used real photos and put two per page to save ink. Just cut down the middle after printing and they are ready to use. I kept them simple, but tried to find full bodies of the animals in their habitat. For instance, this farm pack had a different dog than the dog in the pet pack. Click here to download.
I purchased this Farm Sticker Scene because they love stickers. This is oversized and they love making the big picture. Plus, less for me to print!
I used the printables and posters here to discuss what comes from a pig, cow, sheep & hen from this pack.
I picked a different set of animals to study for each month. This month is farm animals. If you print this on cardstock, attach the sides with tape on the back, it will stand up and be a background. You can print one for a visual to save printing, or one for each child. There are animals to add that stand up by folding the ends of the stands back. This includes the color and black & white.
We did use their Fisher Price farms and animals a lot this month!
I found these packs of farm animals at Dollar Tree to use also.
This is one of the papers we did for farm animals. They traced each word. Then, after cutting out the animals, put glue on the top back of the animal only and glue it to the correct spot on the worksheet. This will create a Lift-the-Flap with the animal's name under each animal. This includes the color and black and white. Click here to print.
This is a basic Word Wall for farm animals. You can use On the Farm or God Makes the... for the title. They get to start seeing the words in connection with the animal. This can also be used for a game...Point to the (pick an animal). I found the pocket charts at Dollar Tree. But I have seen them at Target when they have the school stuff in the Dollar Spot. They are also at your local teacher's supply stores. This is color only.
I also made this Word wall and this is the one I used.  This is the same as the one above, but it also includes additional animals for a yes or no "Do these live on a farm" discussion.
Click here to download this file.
We used these books for Farm Animals and they are not pictured: 10 Little Rubber Ducks, What's Happening on the Farm?, Big Red Barn, Dogs, Frogs & Hogs, Color Farm, & Where is the Green Sheep?

Here is a good book: God Made the Animals (not shown).

Favorites were Pete the Cat            Mrs. Wishy Washy             Mrs. Wishy Washy's Farm
Touch & Feel: Noisy Farm             Wake Up Little Ones    Petting Farm       

Click here for more ideas on my Farm Animals Pinterest board.
Click here to see the list and links of the other animal habitats in this series.
I found out it is easier and more fun if we study one animal at a time. My granddaughter picked the farm animals she wanted to learn about. So, you can click below for a more in-depth study:
 Cows                                            Pigs                                     Sheep
 Turkeys                                        Llamas                                     Donkeys
Click here to see the list and links of the other animal habitats in this series.
Click here to see the older post with the Farm Animals file folder game.

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