God Makes the Pond Animals: Ducks

Monday, July 16, 2018
This is part of our preschool learning we did at home. It includes ideas that can be used at home to learn about God's creation. *This is intended for home use or preschool (or kindergarten) classes. They are not intended for Bible class.*
We began our study about ducks with these information posters I created. They are two to a page to save printing. They have a real photo and information text easy for preschoolers to understand and hold their interest. Click here to download the posters.
I put together notebooks for each person that included each habitat. I added the other animals we would be looking at like farm and pets to the same notebook. These Pond animal posters were created to be able to see each pond animal. I used real photos and put two per page to save ink. Just cut down the middle after printing and they are ready to use. I kept them simple, but tried to find full bodies of the animals in their habitat.  Click here to download.
I found these yellow ducks and we used them with this free song and with Have You Seen My Duckling? I hid the ducks and after reading the book, they played hide & seek with them. They loved that! I also used our education cube and put numbers inside. They rolled a number and had to count the correct numbers of ducks to put in our pretend pond. They enjoyed this game also!

They loved this stuffed duck that quacks! (see below)
I purchased this habitat pack and the kids love using stickers! I used the Wetland set from this pack.
We looked at these books from the library. This means this is what our library had available. If there is not a link, then it was not on Amazon at the time of posting. I suggest looking at your library to see what is available for free and if you love any of the books, then purchase them. Most of these are not really for preschoolers.
They really liked Five Little Ducks (has cutouts) Little Quack  Little Ducks Go
Have You Seen My Duckling?     Duck at the Door 
Click here to see the list and links of the other animal habitats in this series. 

Most of the information on the Photo Posters is found here. 

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