Life of David: 12. Jonathan Warns David

Friday, July 27, 2018
This lesson takes place in 1 Samuel 20 and is lesson 12 in the Life of David Series. David and Jonathan are friends and Saul is unstable. Jonathan told David that he would find out what Saul's intentions were and they would decide if David could stay or if he needed to run to be safe.

We have been learning about David and his victories. He fought the giant Goliath and said the battle is the Lord’s. He fought a lion and a bear. All because God was with him. King Saul was angry and jealous because God was with David and the people respected David. Saul wanted to kill David last week and when he sent his messengers, David’s wife Michal let him down through a window to escape. Saul was angry that he escaped. David ran to Samuel the prophet and spent some time with him. When he left, David went to see Jonathan, Saul’s son and his friend. Jonathan helped protect David last week and will do so again in this lesson.
When David found Jonathan, he asked him “What have I done? Why does your father want to kill me?” Jonathan told him that he would not die. He told David that his father would tell him his plans first. David said that “Saul knows we are friends, so I could easily be killed.” Jonathan told David that whatever he needed; he would do it for him.
David said that he would be expected to be at the next meal. He asked Jonathan to see if Saul missed him and see how he reacts. Tell him I am at the yearly sacrifice with my family in Bethlehem. If he says that is fine, I will be safe. But, if he gets angry, then he wants to kill me. Jonathan told David that if his father intended to kill him, then he would be sure to tell him. Jonathan said he wants David safe and tell him what his father plans to do.
Jonathan loved David and they made a plan so David would know if it was safe; or if he had to run and hide from Saul. In three days, David was to go hide where he had hidden before. Jonathan would shoot three arrows like he is shooting at a target. I will tell the boy with me to go find the arrows. Here is the code words Jonathan would use: If he says “Look, the arrows are on this side. Come and get them.” That meant it was safe for David and he wouldn’t be hurt. But, if Jonathan said “Look, the arrows are behind you. Go your way because the Lord has sent you away.” Then, that meant David needed to leave to be safe.
David hid in the field and King Saul sat down to eat at the feast. The first day, Saul didn’t say anything about David’s place being empty. The second day Saul saw David’s place was empty, he asked Jonathan why David did not come to eat. Jonathan told his father that David begged permission to go Bethlehem with the family for a sacrifice. So, he did not come to the king’s table to eat.
Saul was very angry and said that Jonathan had chosen to be friends with David. And, as long as he was friends with him, and as long as David is alive, Jonathan wouldn’t be able to establish his kingdom. Saul told Jonathan to bring David to him because he should die.
Jonathan asked Saul “Why should David be killed? What did he do?” Saul was so angry; he threw a spear at Jonathan. Jonathan knew that was how Saul planned to kill David. Now Jonathan was angry and he got up from the table and didn’t eat. He felt so sorry for David because his father treated him so badly.
The next morning, Jonathan went out into the field at the time he was supposed to meet David. He had taken a young boy with him and Jonathan told him to run and find the arrows that he shoots. As the boy ran, Jonathan shot an arrow behind him. When the boy came to the arrow, Jonathan shouted “Isn’t the arrow behind you? Hurry! Do it now!” The boy didn’t understand, but David and Jonathan both understood that Jonathan was telling David to run fast, because Saul wanted to kill him.
Jonathan gave his weapons to the boy and told him to take them to the city. After he left, David came out of hiding and bowed down three times to Jonathan. They were both crying, but David cried the most. Jonathan told David to leave in peace. David left and Jonathan went back into the city.
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Bible Verse:   1 Samuel 20:42
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Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson.
Used by permission.

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