Tuesday, September 18, 2018

God Makes the Big Cats That Roar (And Don't!)

This began as a study of cheetah's... which is the animal that was requested.
But, they wanted to study the Big Cats...not as easy and clear cut as I thought.

The people that decide these things have different ideas. So, to try and make it clear for preschool and early elementary, we studied cheetah's. And, I divided the Big Cats into Big Cats That Roar and Big Cats That Do Not Roar since that seems to be the big question on whether or not they are really a Big Cat. Although these animals studies do not have God created it in the downloads, that is a given and automatic statement at my house. And, we discussed God making the lion's larynx different so they roar the loudest. That was interesting. Which child can roar the loudest? ☺The facts for the animals are basic, fun things that I thought they would enjoy learning about. In fact, I only included 3-5 per animal on the information posters. We used the books to learn more and I didn't want to overwhelm them. This was Summer learning for us.
To begin with, I gave them a file folder and they added Big Cat stickers to the outside to decorate it.
After studying the Big Cats, one of the worksheets is cutting out the cats and gluing it in the labeled spaces correctly. Also, not shown but included in the Big Cats download below. is cut out all the cats and put them in the 'Roar' or 'Do Not Roar' section.
These are two different cheetah crafts that they did. It is interesting how different they make them! They colored, cut and put them together. Then, they picked a Dot Marker to add the spots.
The smaller (top left) cheetah is free here. Look for the free cheetah mask here also.
The larger cheetah was purchased here. I already had this pack, so I have used it several times!
All ages were excited about the Big Cats That Roar! maze that is included in the download below.
There is a fill-in-the-blank worksheet for the 4 Big Cats That Roar in the download below. 
They love these affordable animals to play with and take home.
Pretty much what we did was based around this pack. This includes the information posters, worksheets, maze and everything printable except for the crafts.
We spent several days on this. Some days were about cheetah's and other days were about the big cats. I found the stuffed cheetah on eBay with the cheetah book. They love the tube animals! This one is Wild Republic Big Cats and has a reusable playmat that they liked. The lions and tiger were found here. The books are National Geographic Kids Readers Level 2, Look Out, Cub by Peter Bently and Life in the Wild: Cheetah by Animal Planet.
The top books I found at the library.
Besides the books. I used some of the information about the big cats from here.
https://www.biblefunforkids.com/2018/01/god-makes-animals-habitats.html https://www.biblefunforkids.com/2018/09/god-makes-savanna-animals-lions.html

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