Monday, October 15, 2018

God Makes the Forest Animals: Skunks
The kids loved discussing the forest and woods animals. I picked several that seemed to interest them. They just loved the skunks stinky spray! They remembered smelling a skunk in the car and it stunk up the car! God sure made interesting animals.

We began our study about skunks with these information posters I created. They are two to a page to save printing. They have a real photo and information text easy for preschoolers to understand and hold their interest. Click here to download.
I wanted something quick and easy for an extra project, so I decided on this skunk paper bag puppet. The kids love these! Skunks are black or brown. But, I don't remember ever seeing a brown one!
I also added a quick fun maze for them to do. To save ink make my life easier, I put the skunk and porcupine maze on the same page. This is black & white only. Click here to download.
I made these posters two per page to save ink. These are real photos of the animals that live in the forest and woods. I tried to find full body photos of each animal in their natural habitat. These are in color only. Click here to download.
We looked at these books from the library. This means this is what our library had available. If there is not a link, then it was not on Amazon at the time of posting. I suggest looking at your library to see what is available for free and if you love any of the books, then purchase them. Most of these are not really for preschoolers.

General information about skunks for posters found here.

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