Bible Diorama in a Briefcase

Monday, April 22, 2019
This idea is shared by a reader. Thanks to Crystal Hayward for sharing! Crystal has given permission to use her pictures and she has given basic directions on how she created hers.
Crystal found this briefcase at an auction.
Crystal's husband took the feet off of the briefcase. Then he removed the hinge connecting the top and bottom with a grinder so it would lay flat.
Left photo: The stream / river for different lessons is on the left side of the display. There are trees and rocks on it with Elijah  hiding in the cave. Wooden peg people were used for this display.
Using Mary, a friend painted it to be Lydia and Crystal used one to be Hannah praying in the temple. When they are available at Dollar Tree, they are hanging in the toy department. The top ones were found at Amazon and eBay and the bottom figures were purchased at Dollar Tree. The two guys on the bottom right are not Tales of Glory. They are Dollar Tree figures I used for Joshua and Caleb. You can search for Bible Tales of Glory on eBay, see them at Amazon, or at Bible Toys dot com.
Or, if you want to make your own, Crystal made some people from hand lotion tubes!
You can print and use the stand-ups that I have been adding. I have not added any names or information on them so they can be used for different lessons and activities.
Crystal's son found the cave at Pet Smart to use as the cave David hid from Saul, or Lazarus raised from dead, and the tomb Jesus was buried in. The opening goes all the way through, so she used clay to close off one side of it.
Please note: The original idea to use a suitcase, attaché'  or briefcase and make a playset was found on Pinterest. Although I did not see any Bible sets, you can find more creative ideas here.

Crystal saw the idea on Pinterest and thought "That would be great for Bible class!" That is exactly what Pinterest is for, but we both want to make it clear that is where she originally saw it. Just think of the different sets that you can use these for! This Moses layout can be used for so many lessons alone!

Crystal thought it would be nice to fix up several suit case dioramas of Bible events. Of Jesus Christ on the cross and the tomb, Deborah teaching under the tree, Zacchaeus, Elijah and the ravens etc. She looked for a suitcase that was the same height on both sides. I couldn't find one and it was just as hard to find one that opened flat. So, I suppose that is why most people use the lid as a background and the bottom as the main play area. Some can have the hinge removed to make it flat. Crystal noted that your objects shouldn't be bigger than the depth when you close it, or you will have a problem.

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