Bible Diorama in a Suitcase

Monday, April 15, 2019

This idea is shared by a reader. Thanks to Crystal Hayward for sharing! Crystal has given permission to use her pictures and she has given basic directions on how she created hers.
Please note: The original idea to use a suitcase, attaché'  or briefcase and make a playset was found on Pinterest. Although I did not see any Bible sets, you can find more creative ideas here.

Crystal saw the idea on Pinterest and thought "That would be great for Bible class!" That is exactly what Pinterest is for, but we both want to make it clear that is where she originally saw it. Just think of the different sets that you can use these for! This Moses layout can be used for so many lessons alone!

Crystal thought it would be nice to fix up several suitcase dioramas of Bible events. Of Jesus Christ on the cross and the tomb, Deborah teaching under the tree, Zacchaeus, Elijah and the ravens etc. She looked for a suitcase that was the same height on both sides. I couldn't find one and it was just as hard to find one that opened flat. So, I suppose that is why most people use the lid as a background and the bottom as the main play area. Crystal noted that your objects shouldn't be bigger than the depth when you close it, or you will have a problem.
Crystal spray painted the outside of her mother's suitcase she had, but it took a lot of paint to cover it and it didn't do a good job. She removed all the lining and wiped it down. Crystal used blue streamer ribbon for water. It had the ridges to make the water look like ripples.
 She used beige felt for dirt. The house was made from an old box she covered. The bulrushes were from the aquarium area of Wal-Mart. The grass is from Michael's in the miniature displays or train displays isle. Check the hobby stores also. She used little wooden peg people. Crystal used half of a  walnut shell for the Moses basket and the baby from Dollar Tree in the baby shower area.
Another way to create your Bible Diorama by Crystal
will be available next Monday! See it here.

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  1. Great ideas! I'm thinking how to implement this idea to my situation I can't leave materials in the classroom. I take home all of the sabbath school lesson props. Thank you for sharing.


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