Jesus Walks on Water

Monday, May 13, 2019

Thanks to Jeanne Dickson for sharing her songs!
This is a really great song with the perfect tune!
(Look it up on YouTube if you don’t know the tune.)
This includes the standard one-page black & white song and the color flipchart.
And, look at this easy and fun idea!
Jill Basham painted packing foam several years ago, and Jeanne Dickson gave permission for me to use her photo and share this idea with you!  This boat comes with so many men and can be used with so many lessons. It is worth purchasing. I have used it with preschoolers and second graders and they all enjoyed it. The only thing I want to mention is the mast and sail comes apart (it’s not supposed to) and several people have mentioned it. Jeanne used hot glue to reattach and I had my husband put a small screw through it. I tried a couple of different things and was tired of fighting it and I didn’t want it breaking during class. See the boat at Amazon.
 If you can’t find the packing foam, maybe upside down egg cartons could be painted and used. I usually just use fabric, so the packing foam is a fun way to make the waves!

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