Parable of the Great Supper

Friday, May 10, 2019
This lesson is found in Luke 14:15-24.
This parable is also called The Great Feast, Banquet or Dinner.
I set up a table to look like a feast and let the students snack during class. Just some simple basics like fruit, cheese & crackers, bottled water, etc. and nothing with peanuts which seems to be the biggest allergy to watch for.
I began the lesson with this poster and discussed parables, why did Jesus tell parables and exactly what are parables. The Bible Verse is included with this download. It has the picture of Jesus and Matthew 13:13. Click here to download them.
I used this worksheet to review and make the application. This has the student's worksheet as shown and the teacher's answer sheet. Click here to download.
For the application discussion, I made this cut and glue table setting. I used graphics of food the students like and added some things that they should be doing as followers of Jesus. But, probably make excuses not to sometimes. These are the things we talk about every time we discuss doing what God wants. I left two open for the students to add what they make excuses about. This has the completed set shown above for the teacher to print and use. There is a place setting in color provided. The food graphics are in color only. Click here to download.
The visuals for this parable are not available from Sweet.

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