Where is it in the Bible? File Folder Game

Monday, May 27, 2019

This is a printer-friendly file folder game! I needed to print and make 13 and wanted it quick and easy to put together. The inside borders can be printed in color or black & white. The cards were designed to fit as many as I could with easy cutting on a page. Most of the graphics have the backgrounds removed to save ink and just big enough to add a small clue. There is one Old Testament page and one New Testament page of cards. There is a third page of mixed cards that is optional to use. I put the cards in a 3x4” clear bag found at any craft store.
This can be used for review, early arrivers or an introduction lesson to assorted people in the Bible. This does not have to be used as a file folder game. The cover can be glued to a 10x13 envelope with the parts inside. Either way, these are easy to store and reuse and great to have ready to use. If there is extra time, the teacher can hold up the cards and have the students say Old Testament or New Testament. Students can be single or on teams.
Or, you can divide a white board or poster board in half with Old or New Testament on each side. Add magnets or Velcro to the back and add each card to the correct side as you discuss the people.
I teach the students for a year and created this to review people that we have discussed during the year. They actually asked for more file folder games, so I added this for the final class. They can take them home to use again.
Click here to download.
I use these Fact Cards when we have any extra time in class. For this file folder game lesson, the last lesson of the year before they moved to the next class, I used these Fact Cards as the discussion and the students found their game cards and put them on the correct Old or New Testament side of the file folder. They just laid them and didn't glue them so they could take them home and reuse them. I had them divided on my white board with Old and New Testament headers so they could see them in the correct section. It was fun for them (and me) to know the answers to the questions that they didn't know when they first came to my class! Click here to see the Bible Fact Flash Cards.

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