Life of Joseph Series: 8. Joseph Sees Benjamin

Friday, October 25, 2019
 Joseph Sees Benjamin is lesson number 8 in the Life of Joseph series and is found in Genesis 43.
Joseph has been in Egypt for a while. He was a servant and a prisoner. He was faithful and God blessed him. When Pharaoh had two dreams and couldn’t find anyone to interpret them, the chief butler that had been in prison with Joseph remembered him.
Joseph told Pharaoh that God interprets dreams. Both of Pharaoh’s dreams represented the same thing. There would be seven good years, then seven years of extreme famine. Joseph suggested to Pharaoh that he find a ‘discerning and wise man’ to save one-fifth of the grain from the fields during the seven good years.
Pharaoh decided that Joseph was the man and he saved so much, he stopped counting it! There were seven good years of harvest. Now, it is the seven years of famine. Pharaoh said that anyone that wanted to purchase grain had to see Joseph. The famine was all over the land and not just in Egypt.
Ten of Joseph’s brothers went to Egypt to buy grain. They left Benjamin home. When they were before Joseph, they bowed down but Joseph said they were spies. Simeon was kept in prison in Egypt and they were told to bring back Benjamin when they returned.
The famine is really bad now and Jacob’s family has eaten all the grain they purchased in Egypt. Jacob told his sons to return and buy more. Judah reminded his father that they were specifically told not to return unless they brought their youngest brother. The governor said “You will not see me unless your brother is with you.” And they had to see Joseph to buy the grain.
Jacob asked them why they had told the governor they had another brother. They said “The man asked and we didn’t see any reason not to tell him. How were we supposed to know that he would say to bring him the next time?”
Jacob decided he didn’t have a choice but to send Benjamin with his brothers to Egypt. Judah said he would be responsible for returning with Benjamin. Jacob told them to take some of their best fruits for the governor. Also, take him a present: balm, honey, spices, myrrh, pistachio nuts and almonds. They took twice the amount of money so they could pay back the money that had been left in their grain bags the last time.
Eleven brothers returned to Egypt and stood before Joseph the governor. When Joseph saw Benjamin, he told his steward to take the brothers to his house and prepare a meal for Joseph to eat with them.
The brothers were taken to Joseph’s house and they were afraid. They thought it was because of the money that they found in their grain bags the last time they left Egypt. They thought Joseph planned to take them prisoners.
They worried about it and said they found the money in their grain bags and they have brought it back in full to return it. They were told not to be afraid because the money was treasure in their bags and was intentionally put there.
Simeon was brought out and they went to Joseph’s house. They washed their feet and the donkeys were fed. The brothers prepared their gift that they had brought for Joseph since they were told that he would be there at noon to eat.
When Joseph arrived, they brought him their present and bowed before him. Joseph asked how they were and how was their father. Was he still alive? They told Joseph that their father was healthy and they bowed again.
When Joseph saw Benjamin, he asked the men if this was the youngest brother. Joseph was so relieved to see Benjamin, he went to his chamber to cry alone. He washed his face and went back to eat with his brothers. Joseph ate at a place by himself and the brothers ate together. Egyptians and Hebrews didn’t eat together. They were sitting oldest to youngest. They were amazed when Joseph served them the food! Joseph gave Benjamin five times more than his other brothers. They were happy to enjoy the meal together.
Not pictured is a poster with photos of the gifts the brothers took to Joseph when they returned to Egypt. This pack has the question and answer worksheet. There is a maze in color and black & white, a crossword puzzle and a conversation starter discussing Joseph and his brothers in color and black and white. There is a teacher's answer sheet for each, except for the last one.

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