Naaman Song & Shoebox Visual

Monday, October 28, 2019
There is also a sock & shoebox visual aid idea by Jeanne!
I added a new dipping stick printable for Naaman also.

Thanks again for another song by Jeanne Dickson!
Thank you for allowing me to make and share the song flipcharts.
This Naaman song has the standard one-page song and color flipchart printables.
The tune to this is Ballad of Davy Crockett, but I had just completed a different song with the tune from Are You Sleeping? and I thought it worked really good. So, try that if you don't know the tune.
Click here to download.
The dipping stick download includes the color and black and white of what you see above. Directions are included to add Naaman to large craft sticks and dip him 'in' the water. Click here to download.
 Begin with a shoebox and paint the outside to look like water.
Cut a hole in the bottom large enough for your hand to easily fit through.
Using a white sock, draw Naaman with leprosy on one side.
Then flip and draw him cured and happy.
 To use, insert your hand into the sock, and push your socked hand through the bottom of the shoebox water visual. Have Naaman go up and down in the water and turn your hand on the last time up so he is cured and really happy.
Jeanne uses the round stickers for leprosy. Let the students stick them all over themselves... they love it! I also use them for the 10 plagues when the Egyptians had the boils, or any lesson with leprosy. See them at Amazon, Dollar Tree, etc.

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