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Monday, November 18, 2019
Books of the Bible poster printables with ideas to use them.
The obvious is bulletin boards or Bible information walls.
These are oldies but goodies!
Special thanks to Christina Barkley for permitting me to use her design and reproduce these as printables to share with you! Christina designed these posters about 20 years ago.
She worked with Cathy Whitacre (her mom) and from all the typing and cutting that is on these, it was a lot of work. Christina typed everything out and glued the information to a quarter sheet of color coded poster board. She added an assortment of pictures and graphics to each to highlight the main points.  
I have designed these to have the same look, so you can easily find each main point in the same spot on each poster. These can be enlarged to make bigger posters, or print, cut and glue onto a larger background.
They can be printed and assembled to make books for review, a Bible lesson series, or to learn about each book.
They can be printed, and let the students cut and glue into a notebook for a Bible discussion.
They can be used for early arrivers. Bind them at the top to create a flipchart to look at. Print on cardstock and let the students divide by Old or New Testament. You can print 2 or 4 to a page to save paper and for easier sorting. You can find that option on your printer.
As you can see from these two photos, the books, themes, chapter highlights and key verses are located at the same spot on each poster.
These are bigger files with so much information, so there are two downloads to have all the books.
Please leave a comment below with any other ways to use them.
Most of the chapter points were written by Rob Whitacre. I have reprinted the wording to use with these printables. I have used different pictures and graphics than what were on the original posters with what I have available.

Used with permission by Christina Barkley.
Previous permission by Cathy Whitacre and Rob Whitacre.

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  1. Thank you for making these available to print. They will definitely be an enhancement to learning the books of the Bible.


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