Life of Joseph Series: 11. Joseph Sees His Father Jacob

Friday, November 15, 2019
Joseph Sees His Father Jacob Again is number 11 in the
Life of Joseph series and is found in Genesis 46-47.
Joseph is living in Egypt and he is the governor. He is second in command only after Pharaoh. He is in charge of the food supply that he collected and saved during the seven good years that Pharaoh saw in a dream. Now it is two years into the seven years of famine.
His brothers have come to Egypt twice to buy food. Anyone buying grain has to see Joseph. The brothers didn’t want to leave their youngest brother Benjamin behind in Egypt. Judah told Joseph that their father would die if he didn’t return to Canaan with them.
Joseph sent everyone from the room and started to cry. He told his brothers he was Joseph. The brother that they had sold to the Midianite traders. He told them not to be afraid because it was God that sent him there to save lives. He said there was going to be five more years of famine and he wanted them to return home and bring their families back to Egypt to live. When Pharaoh heard, he said he would give them the best land in Egypt to live on when they came back to live.
Jacob didn’t believe his sons at first, but when he saw the supplies that Joseph sent, he was so happy that Joseph was alive and he wanted to see him. Jacob and his sons and their families packed everything and traveled to Egypt. Genesis 46 lists everyone, but there were 66 biological descendants of Jacob and their wives that traveled to Egypt. (66 + Jacob, Joseph and Joseph’s 2 sons: Ephraim & Manasseh = the 70 in verses 26-27)
Jacob offered sacrifices to God at Beersheba and God talked to him in a vision at night. God told him that “I am God and I will go down to Egypt with you. I will surely bring you back again. Joseph will put his hand on your eyes.”
Jacob, his sons’ wives and their children rode in the carts that Pharaoh had sent for them to travel back to Egypt in. They took their animals and their belongings. Jacob sent Judah ahead to speak to Joseph and to see where they should go in Goshen.
When they arrived in Goshen, Joseph joined them in his chariot. He went to his father and hugged his neck and cried for a long time. Jacob told Joseph that he could die now that he has seen Joseph alive!
Joseph said that he would go tell Pharaoh that his family has arrived in Goshen from Canaan. Joseph said that when Pharaoh asked them what their occupation is, to say they have taken care of livestock. Being a shepherd is a disgrace to Egyptians.
Joseph went to Pharaoh and informed him that his family and all their belongings were in Goshen. He took five of his brothers and introduced them to Pharaoh. Pharaoh asked them “What is your occupation?” They replied that they were shepherds just like their ancestors.
They told Pharaoh that there wasn’t any pasture for their flocks and please let them live in the land of Goshen. The famine was severe in the land of Canaan.
Pharaoh looked at Joseph and said “The land of Egypt is yours. Your father and brothers have come to you. Have them live in the best of the land in Goshen. If there are any skilled men, make them chief herdsmen over my livestock.”
Then Joseph brought Jacob in to see Pharaoh. Jacob blessed him and Pharaoh asked him “How old are you?” Jacob told Pharaoh that he is 130 years old.
Joseph gave his father, brothers and their families the best of the land in Egypt, in the land of Rameses like Pharaoh commanded. He made sure they had food, too.
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