Life of Joseph Series: 10. The Brothers Find Out He is Joseph

Friday, November 8, 2019
Joseph's Brothers Find Out Who He Is lesson 10 in the Life of Joseph series .
and is found in Genesis 45.
Joseph is governor of Egypt and second in command after Pharaoh. He is faithful to God and God blessed him. He has a wife and two sons. He has taken care of the food supply for Egypt. He collected it during the good years and is in charge of selling it during the seven years of famine.
His brothers have been to see him to buy food and take it back to Canaan. The first time they came, Joseph asked about their family and told them not to return without their youngest brother. Joseph knew they were his brothers; but they didn’t recognize him.
They brought Benjamin the next time they came. But, a series of events lead to this study. Simeon had been a prisoner but has been released. Joseph had a meal with the brothers. Joseph told his steward to put their money bags at the top of their grain bags. He also said to put his silver cup in Benjamin’s bag.
The steward followed them and when they looked in the bags, they found the money and more importantly, Joseph’s silver cup. They returned to Joseph’s house and Joseph declared that Benjamin would have to stay with him and be his slave. But, the other brothers could return home to their father.
Judah stepped forward and asked to talk to Joseph. He asked Joseph to let him stay instead of Benjamin. He said their father would surely die if they returned without Benjamin and he did not want to see that happen.
Joseph became upset and told everyone to leave. When he was alone with his brothers, he cried out loud. The Egyptians and people in Pharaoh’s house could hear him.
Joseph announced to his brothers “I am Joseph. Is my father still alive?” But his brothers didn’t answer him. They were overwhelmed being with him. Joseph asked them to come closer to him and they did. He told them that he was their brother and that they had sold him into Egypt. But, they shouldn’t be angry or sad at themselves because God sent him to Egypt to save lives.
The famine has been in the land for two years and there will be five more years of famine. He told them that it wasn’t them that sent him to Egypt; but God. God has put him in charge of all of Pharaoh’s house and he is a ruler in the land of Egypt.
Joseph told his brothers to “Hurry home and tell our father that I am a ruler in Egypt. Don’t waste time! Come back and live in Goshen with your families and animals because there will be five more years of famine and you don’t have to live in poverty. I will take care of you and your families. I want you to tell my father about my glory in Egypt. You have seen it with your own eyes. Hurry and bring my father here.”
Joseph hugged his brother Benjamin and cried. Then he kissed all his brothers and cried with them and they talked.
Pharaoh heard about Joseph having brothers in Egypt and he was happy for him. He told Joseph to tell his brothers to load their animals and return home to Canaan. But, come back with your father and their families. Pharaoh will give them the best land in Egypt and they will eat well. I command you to take carts from Egypt to bring everyone back and don’t worry about their belongings because the best in Egypt will be theirs.
Joseph gave his brothers carts like Pharaoh commanded and supplies for the trip. He gave each brother a change of clothing. But, he gave Benjamin 300 pieces of silver and five changes of clothes. He sent 10 donkeys full of good things found in Egypt and 10 female donkeys loaded with grain, bread and food for Jacob to use when he traveled to Egypt. He told them not to worry.
When they saw Jacob, they told him that Joseph is still alive and he is governor over Egypt. His heart stopped and he didn’t believe them! They told him what Joseph said and when he saw the carts that Joseph had sent, he said my son Joseph is still alive and I will see him before I die!
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