Tomb Visual Aid

Monday, November 11, 2019
 This tomb was designed for Lazarus, but can be used for any tomb lesson in the Bible.
Thanks to Jeanne Dickson for permission to share her pictures and instructions!
 On the sides and bottom of an 500 count envelope box,  paint a scene featuring a tomb, tree, grass & sky. Cut a stone out of the bottom of the box, so it can be removed. This will be the front of your visual aid.
This scene can be used for Jesus' resurrection scene or any scenes in the Bible that require a tomb. For the wooden peg people or these, paint on clothes, draw on faces and glue on head coverings for Mary & Martha. The Lazarus figure has a different shape.
 The lid to the box is not pictured, but it is painted green so that it can be the base and appear to be grass.
Glue a dark blue cloth over the top edge and let it fall over opening. You can see Lazarus' stick showing through the back. From the other side, it makes the inside of the tomb dark.
To be able to make Lazarus "come forth" from the grave, attach a craft stick to the bottom of the figure. With a piece of cloth over the opening on the back of the scene, you are able to discreetly push him forward!

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