Jesus Healed the Blind

Friday, December 20, 2019
This lesson has a slightly different layout than normal!
Special thanks to Jeanne Dickson for permission to share her ideas that she uses to teach Jesus heals the blind men.
These posters are included with the lesson download.
The lesson download also includes full-page, half-page and quarter-page flip visual. These can be printed and glued back-to-back with a large craft stick between them to hold and flip. Students LOVE these!
 There is a Blind Man Sees Flip-Over included in the lesson pack, also. There are easy directions to put these together and use. There is a lot for the kids to love with this lesson!

The lesson is found in Matthew 9:27-41, John 9:1-11 and Matthew 20:29-34, Mark 10:46-52 and Luke 18:35-43 and discusses three different times Jesus healed the blind. After studying extensively about Bartimaeus and the different ways each writer describes the event, this is a good resource for clarification.

The list of suggestions for a blind box is included in the download.

This is the inside with the lesson and pictures. On the outside, Jeanne adds notes and assorted items. She might add a Bible verse, memory verse, a Bible song or two, a picture to color, a reward reminder and/or notes about class and hello to students. You could add a puzzle, maze, worksheet, whatever you prefer.

The Newsletter Foldable can be used as a review handout, sent in the mail or in an email, especially for those unable to be in class. The same lesson is included for the teacher.

Click here to download the Newsletter Foldables.
The file contains all the updated visuals available for these lessons.

 All the blind man healed in John 9 visuals/pictures to color are included,
 although I kept the blind man to Jesus healing him in the lesson.
  Click here to download the pictures to color.
A new song by Jeanne Dickson!
This includes the standard one-page black & white and the color flip chart.
This lift-the-flap worksheet is Jeanne Dickson's idea. This download has several options to use Jeanne's idea. She has a folder of stickers she finds and keeps just for this lesson. I picked topics that are easy to find stickers for (see the photo above). There is a worksheet included without any words. This can be used as a lift-the-flap which is fun and adds to seeing/not seeing. But there are pages that can be used by gluing the photos shown above or stickers. Click here to download.
Jeanne used paper bag puppets to show the man blind, then able to see. This includes color and black & white with directions to use. Click here to download.
Jeanne’s Blind man game - the children had to close their eyes and reach into the box for an object. They tried to guess exactly what they had in their hands before looking. Some items were answered correctly, and some they didn't have a clue. Way too much fun!
Notes from Jeanne: A few of the items in the box - the whoopee cushion made noises (hear, but not see), while the flower had perfume squirted on it (smell, but not see). All the rest was a matter of touch (cotton, feathers, mittens, food, animals and so on). You can fill your box with whatever you may have, including real flowers or food.
 I decided to test this lesson and the kids LOVED it! I found this perfect box at Sam's Club. I think it was bottles of something for laundry. I covered the few words with Duct tape I had left from a VBS because I will keep it and reuse it. I found eye masks on eBay really cheap, but they are from overseas so make sure you order early. They wanted to wear them and walk around the room first, so that was fun. I added a couple of items (they are on the list included in the download) and I had a piece of fabric to cover it when we switched students. This needs to be said again, they enjoyed this whole lesson and activities!
There are two songs by Jeanne that are perfect for this lesson!

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  1. Thank you so much for your many great ideas! I am having a hard time understanding the puppet - I'm not sure how the changing of the mouth happens. Can you explain?


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