Peter With Emoji's Bulletin Board

Monday, December 2, 2019
I wanted to update my Peter bulletin board and decided to use emoji's. The students love them and they are bright and cheerful! I couldn't find the exact emoji's I wanted, so I created them and you can download them in a PDF, or copy/paste several that I added below.
I used this emoji border on the top and bottom and cut some out and used them randomly on the sides. I used this older yellow dot border on the sides. I used these letters to spell Peter.
This is the original bulletin board for Peter. Click here to download the pictures for Peter's life. They are numbered and have the corresponding scripture on each visual. Click here to see the original post.
the emoji's, hashtag and speech bubbles I used for this bulletin board.
Since I couldn't find the exact emoji's I wanted, I created them!
Right click on the emoji (or hashtag)  and click copy. Go to your document and right click and save to use these and make them different sizes.
This hashtag is without the speech bubble.

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  1. I love the ideas both for the Peter Fact Bag and the Emoji board. I'm going to use the Fact Bag with a younger (4-6 years) group and the Emoji board for 7-11's. Thank you so much.


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