Cain & Abel Song

Monday, January 20, 2020

The song has the standard one-page black & white song and the color flip chart.
Other hands-on supplies for this lesson.
This includes the printable file folder game.


  1. I'm teaching Cain and Abel this Wed nite. I'm curious on the things you have displayed how do you use them in teaching? do you hold them up as you talk about each son? or do you use another method of teaching and the display is just to get their minds going before the lesson. wish i had a cd of how you teach a class

    1. These can be used to clarify how each boy is different during the lesson. The students can see the hands-on display when they come to class, so it is easier to remember the lesson. I mostly use it for review and application, though. It's all a personal preference and what works for you and your students. What I do with hands-on visuals depends on the lesson and what I am doing. For this, I usually just kind of point and talk. And, it depends on the age group.


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