Spotlight on Paul Bulletin Board

Thursday, January 30, 2020
Another update with new printables for this bulletin board.
I updated all my bulletin boards this year. I have used Spotlight on Paul forever, but updated a couple of pictures and the title. The background is this incredible vinyl-like mint painted wood background. I have reused it with several bulletin board changes and the staple marks do not show. Which is great since I staple VBS on the walls over my bulletin boards. This background is mint painted wood. The marquee border is found here. The light banner is here. Click here to see more of the marquee products available.
 This is the original board, and then I  condensed it as shown below.
This bulletin board has been updated before! The above is the original and you can see it here.
This updated pack for the Spotlight on Paul bulletin board includes the spotlights, arrow, stars and hearts add-ons, the marquee "SPOTLIGHT ON PAUL" 5 inch letters and the star marquee with PAUL.
Click here to download the updated 'photos' of Paul in Acts that are shown.

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