Josiah Match-It Game

Monday, June 22, 2020

This Match-It Game... is really review cards! But just say game and they are all about learning!
I put the question on the temple cards and the answer is on the scroll card. Because King Josiah found the answers concerning God's laws on the scroll that was in the temple 😉.

One way to use these for review the teacher can read each card after shuffling the answer cards and dividing them between the students. They can hold up and read the correct answer.

Or, you can print a set for each student to use. Or, they can be on a table for early arrivers to use. The correct corresponding number can be written on the back of the answer cards to be self-checking. They can be stored in a plastic storage bag, or the intro (page 1) can be printed and glued to the outside of a large envelope for easy use.

Click here to download.
Click here to see the Life of King Josiah Overview.
I found this really cute idea here for this book style. I wanted to use it for a preschool Bible lesson. They loved using King Josiah on a string. As you review the lesson, they can place Josiah on top of each page. There is a happy and sad Josiah. If you glue the front cover leaving the top open, it creates a pocket to store King Josiah in.

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