Stephen's Life

Friday, October 23, 2020
Stephen is a great lesson about staying faithful and knowing your Bible. He reminded the council about several people and events in the Old Testament and about Jesus ‘The Just One’ that Isaiah the prophet spoke about.

The following Anchor Charts, worksheets and more are in the lesson and application pack.
These information Anchor Charts will help teach the people that Stephen discussed.
The definition Anchor Charts can be used to create discussions.
This accordion has the people in order that Stephen talked about. They love these!
This is the same concept as the above accordion, but are like trading cards or flash cards. Students will cut them out and lay or glue in the correct order on the numbers.
The first two pages are the same as the trading cards. But, there is a cover added to make these three pages into a file folder game. They love file folder games! They can be left in the classroom for early arrivers, too. The third picture is a completed worksheet for a teacher's visual and it can be used to add to the student's notebook.
The accordion can be downloaded above.
Scripture Reference
Acts 6:5 Stephen chosen for the work
Acts 6:8 Stephen’s faith
Acts 6:15 Stephen’s face looked like an angel’s
Acts 7:55 Jesus was standing in heaven
Mark 16:19 Jesus sits at the right-hand side of God
Acts 7:58 Saul of Tarsus watched Stephen being stoned
Acts 22:20 Paul said he consented to Stephen’s death
Isaiah 66:1-2 God lives in heaven
(They are the same as the visuals, but black & white.)

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