The Early Church and Sharing the Gospel

Monday, October 26, 2020
The Early Church
Sharing the Gospel then and now
Special thanks to Jeanne Dickson for permitting me to recreate her ideas and share them with you!
And thank you to Ticha Bryant Cocke for permission to share her flipbook.
 This booklet discusses the early church in the book of Acts.
The accordion is a print-and-use easy resource. This folds 'to grow' and is the same as the middle of the above booklet. Click here to download the accordion.
This can be used to discuss teaching others about Jesus. He said to teach, make disciples and baptize to all nations. Matthew 28:19-20 This can be used to talk about missionaries, the support your specific congregation does, or the people right in their own city.
This visual aid to teach about the early church and what God expects from us was originally designed for Jeanne's class by Ticha Bryant Cocke. Thank you for permission to use it!
This can be used as a lesson or as an application. It can be used as an introduction before using one of the above printables. Click here to download the flip chart.

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